École Supérieure de Gestion, d’Informatique et des Sciences (ESGIS-TOGO)

The serious distortions and inefficiencies from which African education systems suffered despite the absorption of significant public resources for more than thirty years had led certain African governments, on the advice of the World Bank, to adopt strategies aimed at reorienting available resources to Professionalized Teaching. Convinced that Africa needs high-level executives and high-performing technicians to establish its economic development, the promoters in their pan-African vision had decided to take up this noble challenge and put their time and energy at the disposal of this ideal. . It is in this context that the Higher School of Computer Science and Science Management (ESGIS) was created in 1994 in Togo, in 2005 in Benin and in 2012 in Gabon.

ESGIS is an approved private Higher School which evolves under the aegis of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of TOGO, BENIN and GABON. A high-level theoretical and practical training school accredited by the African and Malagasy Council for Higher Education (CAMES) in several sectors, its vocation is to make available to private companies and public services in African countries in general, competent, dynamic, honest executives with a keen sense of responsibility in accounting and financial management, commercial management, IT, and in advanced technology sectors such as telecommunications and electronics. Through the academic results it has produced for more than twenty years, with a very high professional integration rate, it has been able to assert itself as one of the best schools in the sub-region, constantly seeking excellence. .

École Supérieure de Gestion, d’Informatique et des Sciences (ESGIS-TOGO)

For any information relating to registration fees, tuition fees, payment methods and the acquisition of uniform, please contact the secretariat in each country.

École Supérieure de Gestion, d’Informatique et des Sciences (ESGIS-TOGO) Required Documents

The registration file must generally include the following elements:

  • the school registration card
  • the carefully completed registration form from the partner University (for relocated training)
  • a cover letter, internship certificates and/or letters of recommendation,
  • 4 passport photos,
  • legalized photocopies of all diplomas since the BAC,
  • certified photocopies of all transcripts from higher education,
  • 1 birth certificate,
  • 1 photocopy of identity card or passport,
  • 1 resume
  • 1 medical examination certificate.
  • 1 scholarship award certificate for scholarship holders

École Supérieure de Gestion, d’Informatique et des Sciences (ESGIS-TOGO) Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

École Supérieure de Gestion, d’Informatique et des Sciences (ESGIS-TOGO) Admission

Admission to the first year in courses leading to a diploma is open to all baccalauréat holders. Depending on the type of baccalaureate, admission to a particular course will be authorized by the Department of Studies after a personal orientation session for the student.

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