The East Africa Career Development Association has been convened due to the growing interest by various Governments in the East African Community to introduce and provide career guidance within their respective countries.
As the demand for career guidance begins to grow so will the need for competent Career Practitioners.
The ECDA serves as the Professional body to foster excellence in career guidance delivery through establishing standards and ethics that all career practitioners should possess.
All citizens in the East African Community should have free access to appropriate career guidance.
They aim to achieve this by:
Assisting Governments in the East African Community (EAC) to develop career guidance policy.
Working with the Government to make the required systemic changes that will result in open access to career guidance.
Introducing a competency framework for career practitioners in the region so that acceptable delivery standards are met.
Advancing training and skills development for career practitioners across all sectors of the economy.
Introducing research driven career guidance practices appropriate to the East African context.


The duties of the board members will be to; within in their respective countries:
Lobby for career guidance policy in the absence of such policy.
Lobby for inclusion of career guidance into the school curriculum and into the school timetable.
Lobby industry to get a clearer understanding of their employee development and lifelong learning needs.
Lobby for zero-based data fees on education and open learning platforms.

Admission and Requirements. Fees structure and details

The ECDA is currently open for nominations to the board and interested parties should send a CV and a letter of motivation to info@eacda.org
In order to get a fair representation, nominations are open to the following countries:
Burundi,Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda.
Membership ~
Membership Type 1: Career Development Practitioner
There are three requirements to register as a Career Development Practitioner:

  • 3 year tertiary qualification in a human sciences field. Plus
  • 1 year career guidance qualification. Plus
  • 1 year experience

Membership Type 2: Career Guidance Practitioner
To register as a Career Education Practitioner one of the following criteria must be met:

  • 1 year career guidance qualification or
  • 3 years experience in providing career guidance. Plus
  • a recognised skills programme in career guidance

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