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Doğuş is a brand devoted to education for almost half a century. Doğuş University trains the future with the strength that it takes from its past as the pioneer of initiatives and innovations.

Doğuş University, which was established by the Doğuş Educational Institution in 1995 and opened by the Law dated 9th July 1997 and numbered 4281 enacted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is a foundation university with a public entity.

Doğuş University with its rapid academic progress has gained a successful place in higher education in a short time. It has 35 undergraduate programs in five faculties, 1 programs in the school of health sciences, 36 associate degree programs in the vocational school, 21 graduate programs and 3 doctorate programs in institute of graduate studies. 

Dogus University Programs

Faculties and Departments

Dogus University Tuition Fees For International Students

1. Bachelor Degree Programs
Communication Studies$2,875
English Language and Literature$2,875
English Translation And Interpreting$2,875
Psychology (English)$3,335
Turkish Language and Literature$2,875
Basic Sciences$2,875
Economics (English)$3,335
Business Administration$2,875
Business Administration (English)$3,335
Political Science and Public Administration$2,875
International Relations (English)$3,335
International Trade and Business (English)$3,335
Management Information Systems$2,875
Constitution Law$4,025
 Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law$4,025
 General Public Law $4,025
 Philosophy and Sociology of Law$4,025
 Legal History and Roman Law $4,025
 Administrative Law$4,025
 Fiscal Law$4,025
 International Public Law$4,025
 Labor and Social Security Law $4,025
 Civil Law$4,025
 Civil Procedure Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law$4,025
 International Private Law$4,025
 Commercial Law$4,025
Computer Engineering (English)$3,335
Electrical and Electronics Engineering$2,875
Industrial Engineering$2,875
Industrial Engineering (English)$3,335
Civil Engineering$2,875
Mechanical Engineering$2,875
Mechanical Engineering (English)$3,335
Software Engineering$2,875
Basic Sciences$2,875
Digital Game Design$2,875
Industrial Design$2,875
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts$2,875
Graphics (English)$3,335
Visual Communication Design$2,875
Interior Architecture$2,875
Textile and Fashion Design$2,875
Given Fees are yearly. Year of Education: 4
Dogus University Master’s (With Tesis) Degree Tuition Fees For International Students
Business Administration (English)$5,000
Business Administration$5,000
Communication Sciences$5,000
Computer and Information Sciences$5,000
Electronics and Communication Engineering$5,000
Engineering and Technology Management$5,000
Financial Economics$5,000
Global Affairs and EU Studies$5,000
Private Law$5,000
Public Law$5,000
Given Fees are yearly. Year of Education: 2
Dogus University Master’s (Without Tesis) Degree Tuition Fees For International Students
Business Administration$2,500
Business Administration (English)$2,500
Communication Sciences$2,500
Computer and Information Sciences$2,500
Electronics and Communication Engineering$2,500
Engineering and Technology Management$2,500
Financial Economics$2,500
Global Affairs and EU Studies$2,500
Private Law$2,500
Public Law$2,500
Given Fees are yearly. Year of Education: 2
Dogus University Associate Degree Tuition Fee For International Students
Autopsy Assistance$1,725
Banking and Insurance$1,725
Child Development$1,725
Civil Aviation Cabin Services$1,725
Computer Programming$1,725
Construction Technology$1,725
Culinary (Evening Education)$1,725
Emergency First Response$1,725
Foreign Trade$1,725
Foreign Trade (English)$1,725
Foreign Trade (Evening Education)$1,725
Graphic Design$1,725
Human Resources Management$1,725
Information Security$1,725
Interior Design$1,725
Medical Documentation and Secretarial$1,725
Medical Imaging Techniques$1,725
Medical Laboratory Techniques$1,725
Occupational Health and Safety$1,725
Oral and Dental Health$1,725
Pathology Laboratory Techniques$1,725
Pharmacy Services$1,725
Public Relations and Publicity$1,725
Social Services$1,725
Tourism and Hospitality Management$1,725
Given Fees are yearly. Year of Education: 2

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