Dire Dawa University

Dire Dawa University is found in the industrial and commercial city of Dire Dawa, which is located at 515 km east of Addis Ababa. It is a young higher education institution, established and started its teaching and learning activities in 2007 academic year. The university is established with Ethiopian government’s willingness and determination to expand higher education coverage and ensure its equitable distribution across the country in order to produce competent human resources and research outputs to meet the national development target through poverty reduction strategy. 

The actual operation of the university began by enrolling 754 regular students in three faculties (Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Faculty of Social Science and language and Faculty of Business and Economics) in 13 different undergraduate academic programs with 90 academic staff and 103 administrative support staff operating with limited facilities. In 2008, the satellite campus of Haramaya University was merged with Dire Dawa University, which gave an opportunity to gain more buildings and workshops.

Dire Dawa University Offered Courses | Programmes

  • College of Medicine and Health Science
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Social Science and Humanities
  • College of Natural and Computational Science
  • College of Law

Dire Dawa University Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Dire Dawa University Admission

The Dire University office of Registrar, comprising of nine units is dedicated primarily to serve faculty and students by providing services of scheduling, registration, record keeping and reporting. The office supervises student registration, maintains student academic records and record grades, issue academic transcripts and diplomas, authenticate enrollment and graduation, assigns classrooms and administers the issuing, renewing and replacing of the students’ identification cards. In general, our registrar has the following roles;

  • Recruitment and registration of students according to the prepared plan of the university;
  • Keeping academic records of students appropriately and systematically;
  • Receiving admission applications to the university and submitting these to the concerned colleges;
  • Provision of student transcripts and credentials;
  • Issuing, renewing and replacing, identification cards; and
  • Preparing list of students recommended for graduation and submits to the Senate for approval.

The nine units under the Registrar office are:-  

  1. §  Health Sciences College  Students’ Affairs Office
  2. §  Dire dawa Inistitute of Technology  Students’ Affairs Office
  3. §  Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine College  Students’ Affairs Office
  4. §  Social Sciences and Humanities College Students’ Affairs Office
  5. §  Natural Sciences College Registrar Students’ Affairs Office
  6. §  Business and Economics College  Students’ Affairs Office
  7. §  Law and Governance College Students’ Affairs Office
  8. §  Education and Behavioural Science College Students’ Affairs Office
  9. §  Continuing and Distance Education Registrar Unit

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