Delta University for Science and Technology

Delta University for Science and Technology ( in Mansoura is one of the entities of Delta Educational Group, established by presidential decree No. 147 for the year 2007 followed by decree No.1998 for the year 2011, decree No.20 for the year 2010, decree No.323 for the year 2018, decree No.546 for the year 2019, decree No.443 for the year 2020, decree No.658 for the year 2020 and decree No.700 for the year 2020, Annex A. It is the first private university in the Egyptian Delta and Lower Egypt. It is a university that operates according to the national and international accreditation standards and currently includes nine faculties.

The success story of Delta national and International private schools which started in 1996, followed by good reputation of its poly technical Institutes: Social Work, Management Information System and Engineering from 1996 to 2007, motivated the Board of Trustees of Delta Educational group to extend their activities by establishing Delta University for Science and technology. This dream became a reality in 2007.

Delta University for Science and Technology Academic Programs

Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Physical Therapy
Faculty of Applied Health Science
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Artificial Intelligence
Faculty of Business Administration
Faculty of Arts

Delta University for Science and Technology Tuition Fees

Faculty of Medicine178000 EGP
Faculty of Oral & Dental Medicine145000 EGP
Faculty of Pharmacy105000 EGP
Faculty of Physical Therapy89000 EGP
Faculty of Applied Health Science48000 EGP
Faculty of Engineering50000 EGP
Faculty of Artificial Intelligence42000 EGP
Faculty of Business Administration35000 EGP
Faculty of Arts30000 EGP

Delta University for Science and Technology Required Documents

High school certificate.

– Industrial schools’ diploma (three years) followed by two years of studying at the Industrial Technical Institute to allow students to join the Faculty of Engineering.

– Industrial secondary school certificate (five years).

– Commercial secondary school certificate (three years) to join the faculty of Business Administration.

– Health Institutes diploma can apply to the Applied Health Science School.

– Students should have the required percentage of the faculty Equivalents Certificates include.

Equivalent certification from Arab countries (Scientific and literary departments):

The final total is calculated after removing the grades of non-required courses (Islamic Education, Islamic Interpretation, Behaviour, physical Education, Military and National Education).

Also, rules set by Ministry of Higher Education and qualify the students for admission at the desired faculty should be verified.

Foreign Certificates

All Egyptian or Arab students holding foreign certificates and did not pass the exams of Arabic language and Islamic Education in their schools, can complete these requirements before graduating from the university. They can apply for a special exam of Arabic language and Islamic Education organized by supreme council for private universities.

English Certificate

– Every Faculty requires passing in, at least, 8 subject of level 10 with grade (C) according to the extended system. Students should present results of completed five exams passed during the previous three years with grade (E.C.D) in the complementary advanced level.

– Arabic language is considered a first language among the required eight materials. In such case, it is not required to attend another exam for this subject but it is required for Islamic Education.

American Secondary School Certificate

– Success in eight materials of grade 12 with minimum four materials completing them from grade 10 & 11 with minimum two materials at Grade 11, in addition to studying according to this system for at least three years.

– Students should pass (SAT.1) exam according to determined annual announcements of the supreme council for private university, certified from Amid East.

– Egypt-American High school certificate should be certified from the granting authority in the USA whether native school or any international accreditation authority and approved by Egyptian Cultural Consultant in Washington.

– Other foreign and Arab certificates are acceptable according to admission rules of supreme council for Private Universities.

Academic Regulations

The faculties follow the credit hours system in which coursework is counted in standard units called credit hours. The academic programs are subjected to the following rules:

– The academic semester: 15 weeks.

– The academic year: two academic semesters (30 weeks).

– The summer semester: 8 weeks.

– Academic guide: the faculty council assigns an academic guide for the student once he/she registers.

– The academic advisor helps students in registering courses each semester, solves any problem and follows up students’ performance till graduation.

Admission Terms

– To be enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering at Delta University, students have to meet the requirements set by the Council of Private Universities such as the minimum required scores, the application during the time range and the mechanisms that are set annually.

– Technical School -Certified Students, satisfying the required minimum scores according to the terms set by The Supreme Council of Universities.

– The priority in admission is not only according to the first- come-served basis, but it is also the students’ secondary-school marks and passing the level assessment tests of mathematics and English language.

– The matriculates have to pass the medical check and the interview to complete the enrollment steps.

– Faculty and university’s pre-determined rules and conditions should be fulfilled.

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