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CIIM – The Cyprus International Institute of Management is an international business school established in 1990 by a group of business leaders and a team of prominent academics representing some of the world’s top business schools. Our aim has been to draw on the best teachers in graduate management education irrespective of location and make their talent and experience available in Cyprus.

To accomplish its mission, CIIM has pioneered the modular educational model. This gives our programmes exceptional flexibility, enabling students to focus on a specific subject within short yet intensive time periods. This grants a freedom of choice that is particularly suited to the needs of the working student.

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Cyprus International Institute of Management Admission

The Application Form

Please complete an Application Form.
All sections must be filled-in properly, with dates where appropriate, full addresses and contact details. Please note that applicants may sponsor themselves, or be sponsored by a family member, friend, or company. Please do not to forget to sign the application form in the space provided. Applications should be submitted to CIIM at least two months before your desired start date.

Degrees and Transcripts/Marksheets

All applicants are required to submit certified copies of their High School Leaving Certificate, Bachelor’s Degree and Transcripts (for all years of study). If the certificates/degrees and grades/marks are not issued in Greek or English, a certified translation will be required.

Knowledge of English

Applicants for whom English is not their first language must have documentary evidence of their ability to communicate effectively in English (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, GCSE). Applicants who have graduated from universities where the language of instruction is English are exempt.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation must accompany the application form. Recommendations from friends, family members, or acquaintances are not acceptable and will not be reviewed.
The letters of recommendation should be sent in sealed envelopes and signed by the referee. Referees may prepare letters for this purpose or use the Admission Recommendation Forms (ADD LINK TO FORM!) provided by CIIM.


Four passport-size photographs of the applicant should be attached to the application form.

Application Fee

An application fee of 50 Euros should be included with the application. You can pay the fee via bank transfer, banker’s draft or in cash.


When CIIM receives all of the above, the Admissions Officer will acknowledge receipt of the application and immediately review its contents. Should there be any item(s) missing, the Admissions Officer will contact you to inform you of what is required before the application can be processed.

Stage 2 – Interview

Once the completed application is received and you meet the admission criteria, the Admissions Officer will contact you to schedule a phone interview. Please make sure all contact numbers and addresses on the application form are correct and legible.

Stage 3 – Admission

Once you have successfully been interviewed, a Letter of Admission that specifies the terms and conditions under which you will be admitted to CIIM will be forwarded to you.

Once you are admitted, you will have to pay the Registration Fee (€850) in order to join the programme of your choice. Keep in mind that the Registration Fee is not part of the Tuition Fees and it is not refundable.

A Letter of Admission does not give international students the right to travel to Cyprus. It only means that CIIM has accepted you and it undertakes the obligation to apply for your student visa.


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