Throughout history, it has been the flagship of higher education in Belarus, its scientific and cultural center. The university adequately represents the country in the global educational and scientific space. The emergence of BSU was preceded by labor-intensive preparatory work.

Over the 99-year period of existence, about 185,000 specialists, 4,700 candidates of science, 700 doctors of science, and more than 15,000 foreign specialists, undergraduates, and graduate students have been trained at BSU. Among the graduates are well-known scientists, academicians, professors, laureates of state prizes of the USSR, Belarus, senior managers of large companies. People’s poets, honored figures, winners of the Olympic Games came out of the walls of BSU.

BSU is in the top 1% of the world’s best universities, ranking high among the 30,000 existing institutions of higher education. Today, the leading Belarusian university is represented in the ratings of 12 agencies, including the “big three” QS, THE and Shanghai.


Much attention is paid to the content of education at two levels – training of specialists and magistracy. There is also the opportunity to continue education in various postgraduate and doctoral programs. Education at BSU is conducted mainly in Russian and in English in a number of specialties of the master’s program. Students can receive higher education on a budgetary and paid basis in full-time and part-time forms. BSU has a strong teaching staff, and teachers from other European countries and the USA are also invited.

BSU provides students with the opportunity of academic exchange and obtaining double diplomas (partner organization and BSU).

The University offers the following stages of Education:

First stage of higher education

Higher education: second stage (master’s degree)

Correspondence form of higher education

Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Additional adult education

Pre-university training

University Faculties:

Department of Biology

Military faculty

Faculty of Geography and Geoinformatics

Faculty of Journalism

History department

Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics

Faculty of Radio physics and Computer Technologies

Faculty of Sociocultural Communications

Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Faculty of Physics

Faculty of Philology

Chemical faculty

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Law

Faculty of International Relations

Educational institutions:

Institute of Business of Belarusian State University

International State Ecological Institute named after A.D. Sakharov BSU

Institute of Theology named after Saints Methodius and Cyril BSU

Confucius Republican Institute of Sinology

Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining in the Field of Informatization and Management Technologies of BSU

Institute for Retraining and Advanced Training of Judges, Prosecutors, Courts and Justice Institutions of BSU

Republican Center of the Olympic Reserve for Football BSU

Lyceum BSU

Law College BSU

Joint Institute of BSU and Dalian Polytechnic University

Institute of Additional Education

BELARUSİAN STATE UNİVERSİTY Admission and Requirements

The procedure for submitting documents to the selection committee

for applicants who have created a personal account in the information system “Applicant”

1. Creating a personal account at the link:

2. Filling out the application and questionnaire in the personal account of the applicant.

3. Placing a digital photo in your account.

4. Printing the application and questionnaire (at home or at BSU).

5. Submission of documents to the technical secretariat of the faculty selected for admission (Leningradskaya St., 8, building of the Faculty of Law).

The personal account provides up-to-date information about admission online (current position in the competition, exam schedule, enrollment results).

for applicants who do not have a personal account in the information system “Applicant”

1. Filling out an application and a questionnaire at the public selection committee (Leningradskaya st., 8, building of the Faculty of Law).

2. Submission of documents to the technical secretariat of the faculty selected for admission (Leningradskaya St., 8, building of the Faculty of Law).

BELARUSİAN STATE UNİVERSİTY Fees structure and details

To get information on paid services go to: and download pdf accordingly.

There, you’ll find pdf’s regarding:  

Education of students


BSU Electronic Services Portal

Non-educational services

Payment in the “Settlement” system

Postgraduate education

Other educational services

For further details contact:

Main building

Minsk, Independence Ave., 4 220030, Republic of Belarus

+ 375 17 209-50-44 (inquiry)

+ 375 17 270-59-40 (fax)

Selection committee

Minsk, Independence Ave., 4

+ 375 17 209-50-85

For foreign applicants

+375 17 209-53-95

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