Bahir Dar University

Bahir Dar University was established by merging two former higher education institutions; namely the Bahir Dar Polytechnic and Bahir Dar Teachers’ College. The Bahir Dar Polytechnic Institute, which has transformed itself into Technology and Textile institutes, was established in 1963 under the technical cooperation between the Government of USSR and the Imperial Government of Ethiopia. The institute was a premier institute in producing technicians for the nation.

The Bahir Dar Teachers’ College, by then known as the Academy of Pedagogy, was established in 1972 by the tripartite agreement of the Imperial Government of Ethiopia, UNESCO and UNDP and started actual work in the following year under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Fine Arts. Its general objective was to train multipurpose primary education professionals capable of adopting primary education to rural life and rural development. Its specific objectives were to train primary school teacher trainers, supervisors, educational leaders, adult education organizers and community development agents.

Bahir Dar University Offered Courses | Programmes

Bahir Dar University Tuition Fees

 ተ.ቁ የክፍያ ዝርዝሮች                     ክፍያዎች
1.1አዲስ ገቢ ተማሪዎች የማመልከቻ ክፍያ150.00100.00100.00
1.2የትምህርት ክፍያ በክሬዲትሀወር90.0090.0090.00
1.3የቱቶርያል ክፍያ በሀወር   ——60.0060.00
1.4የላብራቶሪ ኮርሶች ክፍያ በላብ ሀወር110.00110.00110.00
1.5የመመዝገቢያ ክፍያ በሴሚስተር50.0050.0050.00
1.6በቅጣት የሚመዘገቡ ተማሪዎች ክፍያ100.00100.00100.00
1.7ላቦራቶሪ ለሚጠይቁ ሴሚናር፣ፕሮጀክት እና ሲኔር እሴይ ኮርሶች በተማሪ የሚከፈል ክፍያ በክሬዲት110.00110.00110.00
1.8ለሴሚናር፣ለፕሮጀክት፣ ሲኔር እሴይ ኮርሶች በተማሪ የሚከፈል ክፍያ  በክሬዲት90.0090.0090.00
1.9ለሴሚናር፣ለፕሮጀክት እና ሲኔር እሴይ ኮርሶች በድጋሚ ለሚሰሩተማሪዎች ክፍያ በክሬዲት90.0090.0090.00
1.10የህግ ተማሪዎች /Externship/ ኮርስ የሜካኘ ፈተና ተማሪዎችየሚከፍሉት ክፍያ በክሬዲት ሀወር90.0090.0090.00
1.11የኢንጅነሪንግ ተማሪዎች /Internship/ ኮርስ ተማሪዎች የሚከፍሉት ክፍያ   ——-90.0090.00
1.12የክረምት ተማሪዎች በርቀት ለሚወስዷቸው ኮርሶች በክሬዲትሀወር ክፍያ   ——-   ——-100.00
1.13የፈተና ውጤት ማስመርመርያ ክፍያ100.0050.0050.00
1.14ሜካፕ/ማሟያ/ሳኘ ፈተና ክፍያ90.00 xCr.Hr100.00በኮርስ100.00በኮርስ

.2. የድህረ ምረቃ መርሀ-ግብር ተማሪዎች  የክፍያ ዝርዝሮች

ተ.ቁየክፍያ ዝርዝሮችክፍያዎች
2.1የማመልከቻ ክፍያ300.00200.00200.00
2.2የመመዝገቢያ ክፍያ በየሴሚስተሩ100.00100.00100.00
2.4የትምህርት ክፍያ በክሬዲት ሀወር1100.00800.00800.00
2.5በቅጣት የሚመዘገቡ ተማሪዎች ክፍያ100.00100.00100.00
2.6የመመረቂያ ጽሁፍ /የቴሲስ/ ክፍያ15500.0012500.0012,500.00

Bahir Dar University Admission

.ቁየመሰናዶ ፈተና የወሰዱበት አመተ ምህረትየመሰናዶ ፈተና ውጤት
12011295 እና ከዚያ በላይ
22010295 እና ከዚያ በላይ
32009295 እና ከዚያ በላይ
42008295 እና ከዚያ በላይ
52007275 እና ከዚያ በላይ
62006265 እና ከዚያ በላይ
72005265 እና ከዚያ በላይ
82004265 እና ከዚያ በላይ
92003265 እና ከዚያ በላይ
10ከ 1995-2002 ዓ.ም የመሰናዶ ፈተና ወስደው የከፍተኛ ትምህርት መግቢያ ውጤት ያስመዘገቡ
  • 1994 ዓ.ም በፊት ዲፕሎማ ያጠናቀቁ
  • 1994 ዓ.ም በፊት ከቴክኒክና ሙያ ኮሌጆች በዲፕሎማ ትምህርታቸውን ያጠናቀቁ እና
  • 1994 ዓ.ም በኋላ ከየትኛውም ተቋም ትምህርታቸውን በ 10+3 ወይም በደረጃ-4 ያጠናቀቁ እና  በደረጃ-4 የሙያ ብቃት የሚያቀርቡ

ለድህረ ምረቃ

  •  የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪ ኦርጂናል ማስረጃና ሁለት ፎቶ ኮፒ
  • ኦፊሺያል ትራንስክርቢት ከምዝገባ በፊት ቀድሞ መድረስ አለበት

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