Autonomous University of Campeche

The Autonomous University of Campeche is a public, autonomous university with state, national and international links, which contributes with relevance and competitive quality to the formation of human capital and the generation, application and innovation of knowledge to meet the requirements and opportunities of development. sustainable development of the state of Campeche, through a permanently updated institutional administration and with concurrent, timely and sufficient financing from the public, private and social, national and international sectors:

Updating and specializing qualified professionals and cadres who work in secondary and higher education and in the productive apparatus of goods and services, through continuing education courses that lead to postgraduate credits and certified labor skills.

Providing open education services to the university community and the population of Campeche society interested in increasing their job skills, their skills for life and their knowledge.

Autonomous University of Campeche. Offering Courses / Programmes

Bachelor’s degrees
Dental Surgeon
Environmental Biochemical
Engineering Civil Engineering and Administration
Engineering Mechatronics
Engineering Computer Systems
Engineering Electrical Mechanics
Engineering Software Technology
Engineering Food Engineering and Bio technologies
Bachelor of Administration and Finance
Bachelor of Biology
Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration
Bachelor of Accounting
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Gerontology
Bachelor of History
Degree in Anthropology
Degree in Literature
Degree in Nutrition
Degree in Psychology
Degree in Surgeon
Veterinary Medicine Zoo technician
Chemist Pharmacist Biologist
Degree in SME Administration

Specialty in Radio Oncology
Specialty in Anesthesiology
Specialty in General Surgery
Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics
Specialty in Family Medicine
Specialty in Internal Medicine
Specialty in Emergency Medicine
Specialty in Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Specialty in Pediatrics
Specialty in Psychiatry

Master’s degree

Master of Science in Materials Preservation
Inter institutional Master in Human Rights
Master in Administrative Innovation
Multidisciplinary Master for the Management of the Coastal-Marine Zone
Master of Applied Bio sciences
Master in Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency
Master’s Degree in Engineering with Orientation in Land Routes
Master’s degree in psychology
Master of Children’s Dentistry

Inter institutional Doctorate in Human Rights

Autonomous University of Campeche Admission

For further details on admission requirements contact: Phone: +52(981) 8119800

Autonomous University of Campeche. Tuition Fees

Bsc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Av. Agustín Melgar S/N between Calle 20 and Juan de la Barrera. Col. Buenavista. ZIP 24039

Phone: +52(981) 8119800

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