Amoud University (Jaamacadda Camuud)

Following the collapse of the Somali state in 1991 and the civil strife which followed, most educational facilities were destroyed, damaged or simply abandoned due to insecurity. Education ceased to function at all levels and the future of school-going children and youth throughout Somalia was suddenly blocked by circumstances beyond their control. Thousands of former students whose education was interrupted faced unemployment, and moreover without necessary qualifications to enter the job market.

In response to this bleak situation, a group of Somali professionals from within Somaliland and the Diaspora met in 1996 and meditated on the creation of an institution of higher learning. This culminated in the establishment of Amoud University as a national community-based educational establishment. Amoud University was formally registered in 1998 as a nongovernmental, non-profit making institution. The University started with 66 students in two faculties (Education and Business Administration), and three (3) teachers, but now has 4,829 students enrolled in 15 teaching units, and Postgraduate programmes, and 312 teachers.

Amoud University Academic Programs | Courses

In 2012 , Amoud University had 9 faculties, all of which are taught in English , except for some courses that are taken by first-year students (freshman) and students who are trained for the 2 years of teaching, who take courses in Arabic . In addition to the two departments (faculty) that were started at Amoud University (the Department of Education and the Department of Business and Administration) today the educational departments offered by the university are:

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Business & Management
Faculty of Shari’a and Islamic studies
Faculty of Agriculture & Environment
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Nursing
Faculty of IT & Computing (Faculty of IT “Information Technology”)
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Dentistry

Admission and Requirements. Fees structure and details

For further information contact:
Website: Amoud University
Address: Amud University Building, Ahmed Gurey, Borama , Somaliland .
Phone: +252-2-63-4454004

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