Al Qasimia University

Al Qasimia University was established under a royal decree issued by HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, No. (2) for 2013, on the establishment of an Islamic, Arab University in the Emirate of Sharjah under the name of “Al Qasimia University”.

Occupying a prominent location in the University dormitory in the city of Sharjah, the University has an environmentally friendly campus built according to the latest systems and the highest standards that gather between the beauty of the Islamic architecture and the splendor of designs.

Covering a total area of about 1.036.049 square meters, the University includes an administration building, a library, an auditorium, a Mosque, an Islamic Manuscripts House, colleges for male and female students, dorms for males and females and housing for the teaching staff.

Al Qasimia University Offered Courses | Programmes

  • Bachelor of Arabic language and literature
  • Bachelor of sharia and Islamic studies
  • Bachelor of arts in economics
  • Quran sciences bachelor

Al Qasimia University Required Documents

  1.  The original secondary certificate.
  2. The original transcripts for the secondary stage grades (tenth – eleve​nth – twelfth).
  3. Endorsement of all the required certificates from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance and the UAE Embassy in that country. In case the UAE has no Embassy in a country, certificates are to be endorsed from any Arab country embassy in this country.
  4. Legal translation of non-Emirati certificates into Arabic or English language and endorsing them from the abovementioned parties.
  5. Submission of what states that the Ministry of Education in the country of issuance acknowledges the institute or school awarding the certificate, and that their graduates can join the public Universities therein.
  6. ​translating the passport into Arabic if it is in a language other than English
  7.  A full completed application form.
  8. A copy of the student’s passport valid for not less than one year.
  9. 12 modern, colorful personal photos measuring (3×4) with white background.
  10. A copy of a valid certificate of a good conduct and behavior with a legal translation for its content into Arabic or English.
  11. A copy of (the birth certificate) or what alike, with a legal translation for its content in case the data is not written in Arabic or English.
  12. Health Fitness Certificate issued by a government hospital in the student’s own country stating that he is free from all the infectious diseases, and is endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issuance

Al Qasimia University Tuition Fees | Sholarship

Scholarship Program:

  1. The scholarship program is limited to students admitted to the university from outside the UAE only.
  2. The scholarship student receives a monthly reward determined by the University (according to regulations and decisions).
  3. The monthly reward is paid during the summer semester only for enrolled students.
  4. The study is obligatory in the summer semester (due to the nature of study and the students at the university)
  5. The scholarship student is entitled for one ticket (round trip) after completing half of the total hours of his specialization provided  that his semester average and cumulative should not be  less than 2.00 points (throughout the study period).
  6. The university is responsible for all the procedures of residence and the issuance of ID cards of students.
  7. The university provides health insurance for all students.
  8. The university provides adequate accommodation.
  9. The university only provides on-campus transportation.
  10. If the student does not attend on time, the arrival visa will be cancelled.
  11. The student is granted a return ticket to his country after graduation.

Terms and conditions of Scholarship and Graduation Award

  1. Registering in courses every semester is a must with no withdrawal or discontinuation.
  2. Student’s GPA & TGPA in each term must be at least 2.00 (70%) to keep the scholarship.
  3. If a scholarship student’s GPA or TGPA for any regular term is lower than 2.00 (70%), scholarship terms and conditions apply.
  4. Scholarship students must be completely dedicated for study and are not allowed to work during their study period at the University. In case any student violates this condition, their scholarship will be terminated.
  5. Scholarship students who join the Intensive Arabic Language Program must complete this program successfully within a maximum period of one academic year, and then they will join one of the available majors according to the admission terms and the availability of seats in each major. If they fail, the University regulations and rules apply.
  6. Students must be committed to follow the University rules along with all ethical & behavioral regulations on campus.
  7. Students are not allowed to withdraw from the University or leave the country without prior permission from the University.​

Errors and Suggestion

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision. 

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