Univerzita Veterinárskeho Lekárstva a Farmácie v Košiciach

The first efforts to establish a veterinary college in Slovakia appeared at the end of 1939 as a result of serious changes at universities in Bohemia. On 17 November 1939, the Reich Protector in Bohemia and Moravia von Neurath issued the famous order to close Czech universities, initially for three years. However, the closure lasted until the end of World War II. As a result, veterinary doctors at the Veterinary College in Brno and other applicants for this study from Slovakia were in a critical situation. In Slovakia, universities continued to operate undisturbed, but the veterinary faculty was not here.

At the proposal of the Ministry of Education, on December 18, 1939, they convened a meeting of the interested parties and agreed on the establishment of the Veterinary Faculty within the Slovak University. The statute of the faculty was also drawn up, which was sent to the individual faculties of the university, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Education.

In the end, the proposal to create a veterinary school was not approved on the grounds that it is more beneficial for the state if interested parties study abroad on state scholarships. Thus, the idea of ​​establishing a Slovak veterinary school did not find either understanding or financial or personnel conditions at that time.

Univerzita Veterinárskeho Lekárstva a Farmácie v Košiciach Offered Courses | Programmes


Feed and food safety


Veterinary nurse

The human-animal relationship and its use in canistherapy and hippotherapy


Animal welfare and protection

Market and food quality



Food hygiene

General veterinary medicine

Univerzita Veterinárskeho Lekárstva a Farmácie v Košiciach Tuition Fees


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Univerzita Veterinárskeho Lekárstva a Farmácie v Košiciach Admission


  • structured CV without signature,
  • proof of payment of the fee,
  • a high school graduate attaches a certified photocopy of the school leaving certificate,
  • a diploma or confirmation of active participation in high school activities in profile subjects (biology, chemistry),
  • written confirmation of work in organizations professionally close to the chosen study program,
  • for applicants to study at ŠP VetSes-DF and VetSes-ExF, written confirmation of work at private veterinarians focused on small animals or horses, which lasts at least half a year  on the prescribed form , 
  • a printed and signed electronic application by the applicant (if the application is submitted electronically),
  • with the application for the pharmacy study program , it is necessary to attach a confirmation from a general practitioner about the medical fitness to study in relation to the performance of the medical profession of a pharmacist on the prescribed form .
  • We do not require the writing of end-of-year evaluations in the application.
  • We do not require confirmation of the application by the secondary school.
  • sign the application,
  • fill in the correct personal data and contact data (birth number, address of permanent residence or correspondence address, telephone, e-mail, etc.).

If the application has formal deficiencies, or if some data are not correct, complete or properly documented, the study departments will ask the applicant to remove these deficiencies and complete the data by the required deadline. The applicant pays a fee of €10 for completing the missing data in the application. If he does not remove the deficiencies within the required deadline, his application will not be included in the list of applicants.

Applicants who cancel their application or do not participate in the admission procedure will not receive a refund.




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