Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre

The history of the university begins in 1959, when the Pedagogical Institute in Nitra was established. Initially, the college was devoted to the training of teachers for primary and later secondary schools. Since 1960, it has been preparing teachers for schools with Hungarian as the language of instruction. Later, it developed its activities into the education of scientists and highly qualified experts for various spheres of public and cultural life.An important landmark was the year 1992, when the University of Pedagogy in Nitra was established. In 1993, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Natural Sciences were established. 

The University of Konstantin Filozof in Nitra was approved by the National Council of the Slovak Republic on October 23, 1996. The ceremonial inauguration took place on February 13, 1997 with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, the Government of the Slovak Republic, rectors of universities, high church representatives, representatives of the cultural public of the Slovak Republic, the region and the city Nitra.

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Conditions of admission to study

The basic conditions for admission to study are:

  • educational attainment,
  • submitting an application for study.

The basic condition for admission to a bachelor’s degree is to obtain a complete secondary education or a complete secondary professional education (matriculation or equivalent exam).The basic condition for admission to study a master’s degree program is a first-level university education or a second-level university education (according to §56 paragraph 2, Act 131/2002).The basic condition for admission to doctoral studies is a second-level university education.


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