University of Kelaniya

University of Kelaniya is a unique and historic institution. The University of Kelaniya has its origin in the historic Vidyalankara Pirivena, founded in 1875 as a centre of learning for Buddhist monks. It was one of the two great national centres of traditional higher learning, heralding the first phase of the national movement and national resurgence.

The Vidyalankara Pirivena became the Vidyalankara University in 1959.

Vidyalankara Campus

Later the Vidyalankara Pirivena became the Vidyalankara Campus of the University of Ceylon in 1972.

“Vidulakara Punarawalokana”: 60th Anniversary Celebration

It was held under the patronage of the most Venerable Dr. Welamitiyawe Dharmakirthi Sri Kusaladhamma Nayaka Thero, Pincipal & Director of Vidyalankara Pirivena and Chancellor of the University of Kelaniya The event was graced by Prof. D.M. Semasinghe, Vice- Chancellor and Professor Patrick Rathnayaka, Dean- faculty of Humanities & Chairman of the University 60th Anniversary Committee.


Division within a university comprising a group of related subject areas

Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies

The Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies is one of fast developing faculties of the University of Kelaniya with unique features of becoming one of the finest faculties in the country. The origin of the Faculty could be traced back to the point where the Department of Commerce was established under the Faculty of Social Sciences in 1976. With the commitment and untiring efforts of academic staff, students and other stakeholders, we achieved the Faculty status by converting the department into the Faculty in 1995.


Commerce and Financial Management, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management

Faculty of Computing and Technology

The Faculty of Computing and Technology (FCT) was established on the 30th of December 2015 by the Gazette notification 1947/24 of the Government of Sri Lanka with three departments, namely, Department of Applied Computing, Department of Computer Systems Engineering and Department of Software Engineering. The new Faculty commenced its operations on 18th January 2016.In addition, the faculty will cater to unique computing needs of other faculties too. This will help to improve the computer literacy and the computer usage by undergraduates.


Applied Computing, Computer Systems Engineering, Software Engineering

Faculty of Graduate Studies

FGS offers a variety of programs, ranging from postgraduate diploma level to doctoral level. Currently, there are over fifty-two programs offered by the FGS in association with all faculties and affiliated institutions. Some of the courses are based only on course work, while others are based on research, and some others are a mix of course work and research. Master of Business (Accounting/Finance) programme conducts in online mode. Curriculum of all postgraduate programmes prepared in par with Sri Lanka Qualification Framework (SLFQ)and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC).


Commerce and Business Management, Computing and Technology, Humanities,Science, Social Sciences, Medical Sciences, Multidisciplinary Studies

Faculty of Humanities

The academic tradition and the history of the Faculty of Humanities dates back to the inception of the Vidyalankara Pirivena. The Vidyalankara Higher Educational centre was established in 1875 by the initiative of The Most Venerable Sri Dharmaloka Thero and eventually it was upgraded as the Vidyalankara University in 1959. The Most Venerable Kiriwaththuduwe Sri Pangnasara Thero was the first Vice Chancellor of the Vidyalankara University. Today, the former faculties of the Vidyalankara Pirivena, the Faculty of Languages, the Faculty of Buddhism and the Faculty of Arts come under the aegis of the Faculty of Humanities.


English, Fine Arts, Hindi Studies, Linguistics, Modern Languages, Pali & Buddhist Studies, Sanskrit and Eastern Studies, Sinhala, Western Classical Culture & Christian Culture

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is located in Ragama, in a spacious, campus of about 35 acres. It commenced activities in September 1991. In 2019, the 24th batch of medical students and the 7th batch of BSc (Speech & Hearing Sciences) students graduated from the Faculty. The 30th and 31st batches of students for the MBBS degree program, and the 12th batch of students for the BSc (SHS) degree program were enrolled in 2019. Postgraduate programs include the Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) program, and research degrees leading to award of PhD, MD and MPhil in medical sciences.


Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Anaesthesiology, Forensic Medicine, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Venereology, Neurology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Radiology, Family Medicine, Community Medicine and Clinical Pathology

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya is one of the five Faculties of Vidyalankara University established at its inception in 1959. Currently, the Faculty of Science consists of eight academic departments, namely the Departments of Chemistry, Industrial Management, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics & Electronics, Plant & Molecular Biology, Statistics & Computer Science, and Zoology & Environmental Management. Currently, the Faculty of Science offers three Bachelors’ Degree programmes of 3-year duration and four Honours Degree programmes of 4 years duration.


Chemistry, Industrial Management, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics and Electronics, Plant and Molecular Biology, Statistics & Computer Science, Zoology and Environmental Management

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences consists of twelve Departments, namely, Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies, Library and Information Science, Mass Communication, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Statistics, Sociology, Sport Science and Physical Education. The Faculty offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Degrees in eighteen subject areas. A qualified academic staff disseminates their knowledge pertaining to each subject area while the Faculty invites renowned scholars on each subject area as visiting lecturers and the students are always encouraged to engage in independent learning too.


Archaeology, Economics, Geography, History, International Studies, Library and Information Science, Mass Communication, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Statistics, Sociology, Sport Science and Physical Education

Research at UoK

The University of Kelaniya, being one of the leading universities in Sri Lanka as well as in the South Asian region, is highly committed to enhance research in many disciplines in broad areas of studies including Commerce, Management studies, Humanities, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences. It has been continuously engaged in many activities to improve the research culture and encourage academics to engage in quality research. With the recent establishment of the Research Council of the University, many new initiatives have also been introduced.

Study at UOK

7 faculties offer undergraduate and graduate degrees at UoK

Undergraduate Education

University of Kelaniya possesses a national reputation for its innovative undergraduate educational experience. An undergraduate degree is usually your first degree. It is the 1st step towards shaping your future. As a well-qualified state university, University of Kelaniya provides a standard undergraduate education. After the Advanced Level education, students can apply for the undergraduate degree courses at University of Kelaniya. Students can select a particular degree programme according to their Z -scores of Advanced Level examination. Courses at University of Kelaniya encompasses a huge number of subjects and study options, allowing you to specialise in your interests. (Find out about the undergraduate courses available.)

Graduate Education

University of Kelaniya also holds a higher position for the graduate studies. Graduate education encompasses research, study and teaching beyond the bachelor’s degree. It involves learning and studying for academic or professional degrees, academic or professional certificates, academic or professional diplomas, or other qualifications. University of Kelaniya graduate education leads to master’s degree and doctorate, also called a doctoral degree. You can pursue a graduate degree immediately upon completing a bachelor’s. University of Kelaniya offers students an intellectually challenging education through programs that are international in scope, interactive in process and interdisciplinary in content and approach. The graduate degrees of University of Kelaniya help you advance further in your careers and earn more over a lifetime.

External Degree

University of Kelaniya also holds renown for its external degrees. It provides external degrees for a number of subjects and study options, allowing you to specialise in your interests. External Degrees can be followed after completing Advanced Level education. Students can select a particular degree programme according to their choice and the subjects which they have followed for their Advanced Level examination.

Certificate & Diploma

University of Kelaniya provides a number of standard certificate courses & diplomas for both internal & external students. Certificate courses are freely available for the internal students. Diplomas can be followed with charges. University of Kelaniya encompasses a huge number of subjects for certificates & diplomas in every subject field. At the end of the course or the diploma, certificates & diplomas are awarded in a certificate awarding ceremony.

Student’s Clubs

University of Kelaniya comprises many students’ clubs. Some of them are Gavel club, Leo club, Aisec club, Rotract club, career fair…etc, which work under the Career Guidance Unit. University students can join with these clubs and improve their soft skills so that they will have a good career after leaving the university. Gavel club is to improve Public speaking and leadership of its members. Aisec club is to explore and develop its members’ leadership potential. Rotract club and Leo club are to give their members contribution for social activities. Apart from the clubs that are under the career guidance unit, there are more clubs under different centers of the university of kelaniya to improve students’ talents and skills.

Sports and Fitness

The Department of Physical Education (DPE) provides a wide range of Sports and Recreation programmes for the benefit of internal students of the University. These activities are supported by some of the best sport facilities in the University System in Sri Lanka which comprises two outdoor play grounds and two large indoor Gymnasiums in Kelaniya premices and indoor gymnasium, multipurpose outdoor court and play ground in Ragama Premises with modern facilities for 23 sports disciplines. The main objective of the DPE is to promote and improve the student-sporting prowess and provide opportunities to develop team and individual sports. The Sports Council appointed annually functions as the students organizing arm of the department. Colours Awards Ceremony jointly organized by the DPE and Sports Council, with the objective of appreciating sports performances of the undergraduates held in each Academic Year.

Art and Culture

University of Kelaniya provides to the undergraduates many arts activities. Cultural center of the university of Kelaniya which is affiliated with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, offers to the university undergraduates different kinds of certificate courses related arts such as music, dancing, singing…etc, As well as many cultural and art shows & entertaining ceremonies are held at the university premises with the participation of the students & university academic staff.

Student Accommodation

University of Kelaniya provides accommodations to the undergraduates coming from afar & poor income families. Number of hostels available at the university of Kelaniya so that students can study staying at the university. Free water, electricity and other necessary facilities are available for the students at these hostels. The students of these hostels is protected with 24 hour security.

Student Counselling

Student counselling is a main part considered in every faculty of the University of Kelaniya. Student counsellors have been appointed for each faculty so that undergraduates can continue their studies in a good mental situation. Undergraduates of the University of Kelaniya can meet the particular student counsellor who has been appointed for them and get solved their problems. As well as a special unit called “Kalana Mithuru Sewana” has been established at the university so that undergraduates can meet counsellors and discuss and get solved their problems.

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