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Universidad Nueva Esparta is a private university in Caracas. It was founded in 1954 by Dr. Juan Bautista Marcano Marcano and Prof. Gladys J. Carmona de Marcano. The University is located in Los Naranjos, Caracas and it was first started as an Institute until it got all requisites to become a full University. Career options such as Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Graphic Design, and Electronic Engineering are offered inside the Campus. University Website:

University Nueva Esparta Offered Courses


Business Administration

A successful administrator is capable of constantly optimizing the use of the company’s resources and potential for the fulfillment of its objectives.

Their responsibilities and functions -planning, coordinating, directing, evaluating- require a continuous interrelation with the different operational areas of the organization, with a clear orientation towards action and decision making.

Management of tourism Enterprises

The Bachelor of Tourism Business Administration has a range of Spaces, companies where he can work and be located in the Public Tourism Sector, in the mixed sector and in the private tourism sector, from a Hotel and in any area of ​​the organizational structure of the typology from tourist accommodation establishments, airlines, travel agencies, event organization companies, as well as in the area of ​​sales and marketing to the sale and marketing of any tourist product.

Design Business Administration

Design Business Administration is a very complete career, which trains professionals with a solid managerial base, enabling them to create companies or make freelance work a profitable and productive activity.

Different areas of Design are explored: Graphic, Industrial, Illustration, Photography, Media, Digital Design; subjects from the areas of Administration and Management that complement the comprehensive training of the graduate.

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineer graduated from the Nueva Esparta University with a mention in Civil Works Maintenance acquires knowledge, abilities and skills to act as a leader in the planning and execution of civil works. His technological, scientific and comprehensive training enables him to manage companies and ensure the useful life of buildings.

Electronic Engineering

The electronic engineer graduated from Nueva Esparta University conducts basic and applied research in the areas of communications, digital systems, instrumentation, robotics and power electronics. He develops electronic equipment, systems and models. He applies advanced management models and techniques and advises based on new electronic technologies. Solid computer skills make him a systems integrator, he is prepared to manage operating systems and supervise the entire production system of electronics and related applications.

Degree in computing

The Computer Science graduate of the UNE manages current hardware and software to provide assistance to the needs of national and international companies, assists professionals from other disciplines, creates specialized packages that contribute to the progress and systematization of different areas, is prepared to act in expert teams and information systems, to adapt to contemporary trends.

Postgraduate and Extension

Nueva Esparta University offers both its graduates and those from other prestigious study houses the possibility of expanding and optimizing their knowledge, through studies that do not lead to titles such as Diplomas and those that lead to titles such as Masters and Doctorates.

Studies related to Masters and Doctorates are currently in the approval and publication process. Email:

University Nueva Esparta Admission

Admission requirements

Regulations for the Selection and Admission of Students to the

New Sparta University (UNE)

1. Students who are high school graduates and are interested in continuing their studies in

higher education, they will be able to enter any of the careers offered by the University

New Sparta.

2. Students will be summoned to registration by Admission, according to the

dates scheduled in the Academic Calendar, for the purpose of formalizing your admission

to the University.

3. To enter Universidad Nueva Esparta, interested students must

Submit the following documents at the University Reception:

a) Planilla de Inscripción debidamente llena.

b) Título de Bachiller original y fondo negro debidamente autenticado por la

Institución Educativa donde egresó como bachiller.

c) Notas de Bachillerato original y copia autenticada por la Institución Educativa

donde egresó como bachiller.

d) Constancia de Inscripción en el OPSU.

e) Original y Fotocopia de la Partida de Nacimiento.

f) Dos fotocopias de la Cédula de Identidad vigente y centrada en la hoja, tamaño


g) Una foto de frente tamaño carnet.

h) Pago por Transferencia/Multipagos en cuentas bancarias de la Universidad

Nueva Esparta, por los montos establecidos por la Universidad, con la

identificación completa del estudiante: Nombre/Apellido, carrera a estudiar y N°|

de Cédula de Identidad.

4. Cuando el estudiante ingrese por traslado de otra Universidad nacional o solicite

convalidación de unidades curriculares aprobadas, deberá cumplir con lo establecido en el

Reglamento de Traslado y reconocimientos académicos de la Universidad Nueva Esparta.

5. El expediente es armado por Secretaría, se cargan los datos del estudiante en la base de Mi

UNE 2.0 y se archiva el expediente.

University Nueva Esparta Tuition Fees

Local StudentsInternational Students
Certificate Courses
Bachelor Degree Programs
Diploma Programs
Masters Degree Programs
PhD Degree Programs

For these specific details contact: Nueva Esparta University

Av. Sur 7. Los Naranjos. El Hatillo Municipality. Caracas – Venezuela – Building 2. Floor 2.


  • (+58) 212 – 985.2536
  • (+58) 212 – 985.2936
  • (+58) 212 – 985.3611
  • (+58) 212 – 985.2656


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