Université Officielle de Semuliki (UOS/Beni)

In order to allow young people from the Grand Nord-Kivu Region to study without many of the penalties linked to distance (KISANGANI, KINSHASA AND LUBUMBASHI) that the Rassemblement des Congolese pour la Démocratie Kisangani/ Liberation Movement, RCD/ KML in acronym, Government of the Rebellion had initiated an Institution of Higher and University Education under the name of the Faculty Institute of Ishango, IFI in acronym with three campuses: Beni campus, Butembo campus and Kirumba campus.

After the reunification of the Country, the Central Administration of Kinshasa recognized the initiative of the RCD/KML. The IFI has become Ruwenzori University Center, CUR in acronym with the three campuses mentioned above.

In 2009, following the viability check, the University Center of Ruwenzori was elevated to the rank of a University under the name of the Official University of Ruwenrori, UOR in acronym.

Université Officielle de Semuliki (UOS/Beni) Offered Courses | Programmes

  • Applied Science
  • Economic science
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Information Sciences
  • Right
  • Political Sciences

Université Officielle de Semuliki (UOS/Beni) Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Université Officielle de Semuliki (UOS/Beni) Admission

The candidate having obtained less than 60% must register for the admission competition with:

  • The entry form for the entrance examination (see Department of Academic Services);
  • Two passport photos;
  • A photocopy of an extract from the Provincial EPS inspection journal; or State Diploma.

The candidate selected after the entrance examination or having obtained 60% must provide the following elements for the submission of his file:

  • 1 registration application form (ask the registration department about how to obtain it);
  • 2 photocopy of the State diploma or equivalent (for former graduates);
  • 2 photocopy of an extract from the official journal for new state graduates;
  • 2 passport photos;
  • 1 hanging folder;

The elements listed below are to be completed in the file of the candidate who wishes to take registrations:

  • 2 Certificates of nationality;
  • 4 Certificate of birth certificate;
  • 4 Certificates of celibacy or marriage;
  • 2 Certificates of good conduct, life and morals;
  • 2 Certificates of physical aptitude.

For more information, contact the registration service (Apparitorat).

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