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Universite Kofi Annan de Guinee (Kofi Annan University of Guinea) was established in 1999 and located in Guinea. Guinea is a country in West Africa, bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a population of nearly 12 – 13 million. Universite Kofi Annan de Guinee (Kofi Annan University of Guinea) is a officially registered university by the Ministry of Education in Guinea. There are 35 universities registered in Guinea. The university’s doors are open for international student admission. The university offers degree programs, certificate courses, diploma courses and short courses. The currency of the country is Guinean franc (GF). See details below.

School Fees – Fee Structure

Annually Fees
BTS2.500.000 FG
Professional license4.000.000 FG
Legal and political sciences4.000.000 FG
Advanced School Of Business And Arts5.000.000 FG
Sociology, Journalism, Communication3.500.000 FG
Economics and Management5.000.000 FG
Computer Sciences7.000.000 FG
Higher School of Health Sciences and Techniques5.000.000 FG
Laboratory technician7.000.000 FG
Polytechnic School of Engineers (1 – 2 years)8.000.000 FG
Polytechnic School of Engineers (3, 4, 5 years)8.830.000 FG
Medicine (1st, 2nd and 3rd years)16.500.000 FG
Medicine (4th, 5th, 6th and 7th years)17.100.000 FG
Pharmacy 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years16.500.000 FG
Pharmacy (4th, 5th and 6th)17.100.000 FG

Note: Fees may change. Please make contact with university before making your final decision.

Admission Procedures

Documents to provide for pre-registration in BTS:

  • A recent passport photo
  • Photocopy of a valid identity document
  • Excerpt from birth
  • Terminale transcript or title obtained in equivalence

Documents to be provided for pre-registration in License / Engineering / Medical Sciences:

  • Excerpt from birth
  • An identity photo
  • Photocopy of a valid identity document
  • Baccalaureate transcript or equivalent qualification
  • Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent qualification

Documents to provide for pre-registration for the Master:

  • Cover letter
  • Excerpt from birth
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification
  • Updated curriculum vitae (CV)
  • An identity photo
  • License transcript (L1, L2, L3)
  • Photocopy of a valid identity document

Note: Admission procedures & requirements may change. Please make double check before making your final decision. University Website: https://ukaguinee.org/public/

Student Life in Guinea

1. Accommodation

Accommodation options for international students are:

  • Rental apartment: You can find lots of rental apartments in Guinea
  • University dormitory: Foreign students have the opportunity to live in the dormitories of the university if they are in satisfactory conditions.
2. Cost of Living
  • A single person estimated monthly costs are 700 – 800 $

General Information

NameUniversite Kofi Annan de Guinee
AccreditedMinistry of Higher Education in Guinea
Control TypePublic
Fax / Phone(+224) 666 72 44 06
AddressBP 1367 Nongo, Ratoma, Conakry Republic of Guinea
Country Rank4 – webometrics.info
World Rank31088 – webometrics.info
UniversitiesList of Accredited universities in Guinea

University Map

University Presentation

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university,
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: counselorcorporation@gmail.com or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision. You can find contact information above.

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