Université Ibn Zohr

A public institution, governed by Law No. 01-00 on the organization of higher education, Ibn Zohr University has legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy. As such, its mission is to contribute to the development of research, the dissemination of knowledge, knowledge and culture, the preparation of young people for integration into working life, in particular through the development of knowledge -do, to regional and national growth, etc.

The university provides:

  • Initial training and continuing education; 
  • Scientific and technological research; 
  • Carrying out expertise; 
  • The contribution to the overall development of the country; 
  • International cooperation.

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Université Ibn Zohr Tuition Fees

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Université Ibn Zohr Admission

Documents to be provided when registering for access to the 1st year of the faculty – Open access (For other registration categories, please contact your institution):
Original baccalaureate certificate
2 legalized copies of the Baccalaureate, The student must make a sufficient number of legalized copies of the Baccalaureate to avoid frequent withdrawal after registration
2 recent passport photos
1 legalized copy of the CIN
2 copies of the acknowledgment of receipt of the pre-registration

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