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The University of Lubumbashi, in acronym called UNILU, is one of the great universities of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Located in the so-called copper province of Katanga in the south of the country, it has the advantage of being located in a naturally rich environment. Thus benefiting from a particular generosity of nature; the fauna, flora, soil and subsoil make this province a geological scandal and a site of scientific research par excellence.

By its philosophical orientation, the dynamism of the academic authority, the dedication of the student community, the University of Lubumbashi is strongly solicited both by foreign students from Africa, for complete training, and by European students, as interns. and researchers. In addition to foreigners from Africa and Europe, one finds at the University of Lubumbashi a great mix of more than 450 national tribes, forming a cosmopolitan atmosphere of researchers of all categories called here the “KASAPARDS”.

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Université de Lubumbashi Tuition Fees

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Université de Lubumbashi Admission



  1. No one is admitted to studies leading to the DEA / DES or SPECIALIZATION grade if he does not hold a bachelor’s degree, civil engineer, doctor, doctor of veterinary medicine, obtained with at least 65% on all the marks obtained two (2) first university cycles (diplomas to be presented).
  2. Holders of diplomas from higher institutes may be admitted to neighboring courses of study in Congolese universities, under the following conditions:
  3. have successfully completed a special program not exceeding two academic years, designed objectively for them by the faculty (special license)
  4. the department or faculty assesses the work written and the seminars attended by the candidate, for possible exemptions
  5. Diplomas obtained abroad must be covered by a ministerial order of equivalence issued by the supervising minister
  6. A request for registration for the DEA / DES or specialization sent to the academic general secretary with copies to the rector and the home faculty

This provision concerns candidates from outside the Unilu.

Unilu scientific executive candidates are required to do so and are automatically admitted on presentation of the physical file. Those who refuse, therefore give up their scientific course at the Unilu of Lubumbashi.

  1. State diploma
  2. Rating statements.
  3. Act of appointments and other decisions accrediting the members of people and scientists working in universities and higher institutes of R&D. congo.
  4. Certificates relating to the public administration, namely:
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Good life, conduct, morals and good citizenship
  • Birth
  • Residence
  1. Certificates of results, score transmission sheets or even point grids for courses and seminars already taken in the DEA / DES program or specialization (elements to be integrated as you progress).
  2. Complete a registration form on site and pay the relevant fees.
  3. Bring a hanging folder and two (2) passport photos.

Elements of the application file for the defense of the thesis / aggregation

  • Identity documents
  1. Photocopy of identity document (voter’s card, temporary service card, etc.)
  2. birth certificates
  3. residency certificates
  4. recent physical fitness certificate
  5. certificates of good life, conduct and morals

– documents relating to schooling

  1. Primary school certificate
  2. state diploma
  3. graduate diploma + related transcripts
  4. bachelor’s degree; doctor, doctor of veterinary medicine? Civil engineer… + related quotes
  1. DA/DES diploma
  2. possibly, a certificate of university pedagogy
  3. other degrees
  4. Diplomas obtained abroad must be covered by a ministerial decree of equivalence issued by the supervisory ministry
  • documents relating to the thesis/aggregation

These are minutes and letters relating to the thesis/aggregation (aggregation of the subject, supervisory committee, etc.)

  • Appointments and other decisions

Grade of assistant, head of works

  • proof of payment of fees

Minerval, supervision fees, filing with the jury and defense.

  • For registeration


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