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The Technological University of Santiago, UTESA, redefines its mission in order to respond to the new challenges that consist of supporting and sustaining the construction of a future for all, whose purposes take into account the profound transformations that technological and scientific advances, have produced, in a society in which knowledge and communication occupy a primordial place.

This society is driven by the skills to create, innovate and undertake, in a permanent movement, under the guidelines of the paradigms of a new world society, the new reforms that need to be undertaken include a new model of academic-administrative management, the existing industrial park and, also, the technological park, in such a way that they can serve as laboratories for the incubation of companies, entrepreneurial projects and programs, organization models, to provide solutions to the challenges posed. As a basis for all of the above, we have the obligation to fulfill the mission, contained in the philosophical foundations of the new Corporate System of the Technological University of Santiago.

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Admission processes

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The Admissions Department manages the following processes:

Admission of new students
Transfer Student Admission
Readmission of inactive students
Readmission of graduated students
Evaluation for new students

There are 5 general tests imposed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology to enroll as a graduate student at UTESA:


Assesses the ability to conceptualize and apply systematic reasoning to new problems. This test seeks to determine the level of intellectual capacity of the student.


Test of Professional Interests, determines which occupations are more related to your motivations.


Orientation Test and Academic Measurement, determines the abilities and in which area the student can perform better. This test allows the identification of verbal concepts or words, mathematics or numbers, perceptual structures or figures and assessment of behaviors or behaviors.


This evaluation has been recommended by the MESCyT for Engineering students. The Engineering student who, having taken the evaluations, does not pass at first, would have two additional opportunities to take the test again. The first failure indicates that the applicant needs to take remedial programs, which will be offered by the Institution, before taking the additional tests.

College Board PAA

The Academic Aptitude Test (PAA) evaluates the student’s academic potential to continue university studies.


-It is one of the indicators that allows selecting those applicants with the greatest probability of success in university studies.

-It has been validated in all Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain.

-It is a test with high rates of reliability and validity.


1. Verbal Reasoning

2. Mathematical Reasoning

3. Indirect Writing

Entry requirements

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The documents required to enter UTESA are the following:

For newly admitted students

For new foreign students

For transfer students

For foreign transfer students

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