About the university

The purpose of the university  is to make UNESUR the first academic, research and consultation institution within the national agricultural sector, with a structure and programs that are sufficiently flexible, subject to constant evaluation and transformation, recognized as a provider of a public service that satisfies the requirements of our users, and that serves as an experience for the institutional paradigms, established for the new Venezuelan university model of quality with equity.

Academic licences granted by the university. Offering Programmes

 Professional titles granted:

  Master ‘s degree , Bachelor ‘s degree or equivalent 

Languages: Spanish 


– Agricultural Engineering program/course Fields of study: Agricultural Engineering

 -Agriculture course/program Fields of study: Agricultural management , Agriculture Business

 -Administration Program/Course Fields of study: Accounting , Business Administration 

-Civil Construction Program/Course Fields of study: Construction Engineering , Civil Engineering

 -Computer Engineering program/course Fields of study: Computer Engineering 

-Food technology course/program Fields of study: Food Technology 

-Mechanical Engineering program/course Fields of study: Mechanical engineering

Admission requirements. Fees structure and details

Details about admission and fees are not provided on their website.

For further details contact:

Address: Santa Bárbara,5148, 5148, Zulia, Venezuela

Phone: +58 275-5551036

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