Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala

The vision of the Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala was born from the need to have an institution that could contribute to the formation of society through adequate education, through which students can be impacted not only in the academic field, but also in the principles, ethical and moral values ​​so that, being professionals, they can be agents of transformation in the society in which they act. Legally authorized by the Council of Higher Private Education on March 23, 2006, the Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala began its academic activities with the Master’s program in Organizational Leadership, focused on developing leaders with the necessary skills to lead innovative, creative organizations. , ethical and strategic. It is sought through a highly active methodology.

To be an institution that promotes the formation of the academic community in the degrees it grants, with the highest level of integrity, responsibility, progressive leadership and competitiveness, transmitting, for this purpose, the ability to understand, interpret, analyze and apply actions in its different domain levels and domains.

Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala Offered Courses | Programmes


  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Integral Architecture
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialty in Retail
  • Bachelor Graphic Design and Photography
  • Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences
  • Agronomic Engineering
  • Systems Engineering and Computer Science
  • Bachelor Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behavior
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Marketing with a specialty in e-commerce
  • Engineering Industrial Technology
  • Bachelor of Practical Theology
  • Bachelor of Biblical Theology and Ministry


  • Organizational Leadership
  • Business Administration
  • Knee and Hip Arthroplasty
  • Theological Studies and Leadership
  • Geriatrics and Gerontology
  • Comprehensive Risk Management (ESST)
  • Planning, Development and Teacher Evaluation
  • Sociology of Religion and Leadership
  • Family right


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Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala Admission


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