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The Dominican Dental University (UOD), founded on October 30, 1983, is a Higher Education Institution that emerged, to respond to the needs of the time, in the training of professionals in the area of ​​Dentistry and its associates (Technical of Dental Laboratory, Assistants and Dental Hygienists).

In view of the situation and the lack of postgraduate programs in the dental area, it was decided to form the Las Caobas Medical Dental Group (GRUMOC), made up of prestigious academics and outstanding professionals of the time, among whom we can mention Dr. Mario Bournigal Mena, Dr. Rumaldo Fermín Curiel and Dr. Luis Arseno Romero, led by the distinguished teacher, Dr. René Puig Bentz, founder of several Schools of Dentistry in our country, (Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University and CETEC), He was also a founding member of the Dominican Dental Association.

During the approval process of the University, it was decided to make a strategic alliance with the World University, operating exclusively as a School of Dentistry since August 1984 and beginning its work with 32 students of different nationalities, among which we can point out: Dominicans, Americans, Venezuelans, Cubans, Spaniards and Colombians, from closed Universities.

In 1985, the Dominican Dental University acquired its legal status, first with the approval of the PRO-UOD Inc. Board of Trustees, through Decree of the Executive Power #2996 dated May 23, 1985 in accordance with Law 520 of July 26 1920 on non-profit associations and later the Dominican Dental University, with the approval as a university granted by the Executive Power through Decree No. 3257 dated August 26, 1985, with the authorization of the opening of two Schools, that of Dentistry and the School of Technical Careers (Dental Laboratory Technician, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist and Dental Operator).

The Dominican Odontological University (UOD) emerges with its well-defined philosophy, mission and objectives, as a University specialized in the Odontological area, starting in the semester September-December 1985 with the Dentistry Career. In this sense, the UOD has its first investiture of Doctors in Dentistry in the month of May 1986, with the students who came from those closed Universities of the time, which the Institution welcomed.

In addition to the School of Dentistry, the Dominican Dental University opened the School of Technical Careers in 1986 with the career of Dental Laboratory Technician and in 1992 the career of Dental Hygienist Technician was incorporated, with the commitment to combine a higher quality education, providing society with a dental professional and a technical staff in the area, with criteria and scientific capacity that help them insert themselves into the labor market, complying with the demands of development within a framework of plurality ethnic, ideological and religious, and capable of competing nationally and internationally.

Currently, the Institution has graduates in several countries around the world, who represent the Dominican Dental University with the highest academic quality. Committed to scientific and technological development, it is increasing the levels of quality that leads to making strategic decisions to improve pedagogical practices and academic management, convinced of achieving satisfaction in this new globalized world and reaching the new teaching paradigm.

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