Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy

Universidad Nacional Experimental del Yaracuy (National Experimental University of Yaracuy) is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the small city of San Felipe (population range of 50,000-249,999 inhabitants), Yaracuy. Officially recognized by the Ministerio del Poder Popular para Educación Universitaria, Ciencia y Tecnología, Venezuela (Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology of Venezuela), Universidad Nacional Experimental del Yaracuy (UNEY) is a coeducational Venezuelan higher education institution. Universidad Nacional Experimental del Yaracuy (UNEY) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. See the uniRank degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details. UNEY also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, as well as administrative services.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs

Study Regime 

The institute is governed by the semester system, comprising six periods or semesters with a duration of 16 to 18 weeks each.

Class schedule 

Daytime hours for all undergraduate courses except Administration, and nighttime for Administration.

Semester course load 

The maximum load per semester is 21 credit units and a minimum of 9 credit units.


The verification of achievement of the objectives of the learning process is carried out through continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

Title given 

Higher University Technician. (TSU) (3 Years)

College degree. (ENG or LIC) (5 Years)

The following Careers, Masters, Courses, Postgraduate and Doctorates are taught:

Bachelor of Food Science and Culture

Field for the professional exercise of the graduate in Food Science and Culture

Creation and Management of Companies.

Public and Private Companies of the Agrifood Chain (meat, dairy, cereals, vegetables, sugar mills, etc.).

Nutrition Institutes.

Food Research Centers.

Commercialization and Food Marketing Companies.

Tourist Services and Hospitality.

Gastronomic Centers.

Business Consulting Activities.

Food Training Centers.

Audit and Food Control Organizations.

Duration: 5 years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Food Science and Culture

Sports Sciences

Field for the professional exercise of the graduate:

Creation and Management of Own Companies.

School campuses of Basic Education, Middle Education, Diversified and University Professional.

National, state and municipal sports institutions and foundations; federations, associations and federated sports clubs; gyms and private sports clubs; sports initiation centers; special sports areas; municipal, regional and national sports preselections; professional sport; penitentiary centers; military units; peasant and indigenous communities.

sports social clubs; sports non-governmental organizations; Touristic centres; nautical and diving bases; air and skydiving bases; hiking, fishing and hunting bases; Non-traditional sports associations.

health laboratories; physical rehabilitation centers; public and private hospital medical centers; Home and geriatric clubs

Non-traditional sports associations; High-performance preparation centers.

Application of Physical Education Programs at all educational levels; sports training process from initiation to high performance; use of physical education in all its manifestations; application of prophylaxis and therapy in different diseases and in physical recovery.

Development and consequences of Physical Education programs at all educational levels; effects of training from initiation to high performance; needs; application and results of physical recreation as a component of improving the quality of life of citizens; selection, application and effect of prophylactic methods and rehabilitation of populations depending on their needs.

Duration: 5 Years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Sports Sciences

Integral Design

Profile of the Graduate in Integral Design:

The Graduate in Integral Design graduated from UNEY will have specific skills to:

a) Undertake and direct service companies in the area of ​​design, capable of interpreting the context and developing solutions for the community, industry, the public and private sectors

b) Developing and supervising research processes useful for design in general (graph , industrial, craft, digital), as well as theoretical aspects related to design such as: ethics, aesthetics, semiotics, symbology, history, among others

c) Build models with the application of traditional techniques and existing software for design, with support disciplines such as: bionics, ergonomics, typographical techniques. 

d) Build two-dimensional and three-dimensional models adapted to the context, with a philosophical, scientific and humanistic foundation, where knowledge and creativity come together to develop solutions to the problems of the community, industry, the public and private sectors. 

e) Provide corporate image design services to public and private sector companies.

f) Work in the fashion industry, scenic design, editorial design, photography, video and other areas of choice among which are listed: ceramics, leather, glass, cabinetmaking. Metals and jewels, the arts of fire, screen printing, lutherie and achieving the production of prototype objects

g) Develop theoretical and practical training activities in the field of comprehensive design open to the community in general 

. h) Perform in the industry of advertising and marketing of products and packaging design.

Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy Admission requirements 


The allocation of places is only made through the National Admission Program of the CNU-OPSU applying the criteria approved by the CNU in the following careers: 

Food Processing and Distribution 


Technology of Renewable Natural Resources 

Food Safety and Nutritional Culture 



Occupational Health and Safety

chemical processes

Systems and Informatics

speech therapy

Comprehensive Community Nursing

Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy Tuition Fees

For details regarding fees contact:

Contact information: Yaracuy National Experimental University (UNEY) Address: “Agustín Rivero” Industrial Zone, CIEPE building, 2nd floor, San Felipe-Yaracuy, Venezuela. Telefax (0058) (0254) 2324221-2317669 E-mail: contacto_uney@uney.edu.ve

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