Universidad Jesús de Nazareth

The reality and needs of Honduran society today require substantive changes in the conception of educational processes in order to achieve not only citizens capable of producing but also citizens capable of integrating into a brotherhood block, who from their professional work are competent to help find the answers that meet the needs of this country.

Jesús de Nazareth University, a university in constant social and academic construction in favor of Honduran society and based on its mission and vision, highlights its Transformative Educational Model as the reference framework through which everyone who is part of our community has the opportunity to individually build their own route to success with quality of life, rebuilding their previous experiences through problematic situations that will help them understand and face the challenges that daily living will present them with; thus developing their social and individual dimension in a way that allows them to act with a broad ethical and innovative sense, with excellence and leadership, with creativity and responsibility in the face of the political, social, economic and productive needs of our society.

Universidad Jesús de Nazareth Offered Courses

Universidad Jesús de Nazareth Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Universidad Jesús de Nazareth Admission

Entry requirements.

– Secondary Education Certificate

– Certification of Secondary Education Studies

– Birth Certificate and/or Identity Card

– Interview in Admissions

– Tuition Value

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