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The curriculum development is developed in consideration of the following three axes:

1.Cultural Axis: History of the Ethnic Minority Populations, Pedagogy and Cultural Genesis, Social Organization and Community Rules, Worldview and Indigenous Spirituality, Languages and Literature, Artist Expression, Ethnobotany, Ethnomedicine, Production Systems, Indigenous Technology

2.Raising Awareness Axis: American History, Venezuela and Amerindian Populations, Universal History and Geography, State and Politics Notions, National and International Positive Law, Ecology and Environmental Degradation, Economy and Natural Resources, Intercultural Diversity, Affairs and Relations, Spanish Reading and Writing

3.Productive Axis: Agriculture, Beekeeping, Aquaculture, Livestock Production and Animal Husbandry, Buffalo Husbandry (as draft animal force), Nursery Production, Vermiculture, Savannah Production, Self-Management Models, Administration Concepts.

Moreover, the students have additional courses and workshops useful for a comprehensive capacity building, such as photography, video, broadcast, Internet, and other tools. Writing, electronic technology, and law are exogenous subjects and concepts, coming out of cultures of Western thought. UIV recognizes the risks in including these topics for learning, but recognizes the need to enhance indigenous knowledge because these concepts from outside the indigenous cultures are considered tools necessary to break the culture asymmetry.

The academic course is a semester and for four months, the students stay in Tauca studying theoretical subjects and practical lessons. For the remaining two months, they go to their communities where they conduct fieldwork on their chosen topic for their thesis, based on the wisdom of the elder people as essential bibliography.

Graduates are awarded as indigenous educators, allowing them to strengthen the education in their communities, foster pride in being ethnic minority, and have the knowledge and tools to defend their lands and cultures, and establish an equitable relationship with the Western world.

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For more details contact

Universidad Indígena de Venezuela. Caño Tauca KM.880

Ciudad Bolívar Highway, Calcara

Tel. 0285- 5119244 / 5119593 – Bolívar State, Venezuela

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