Santa Rosa Catholic University

The Santa Rosa Catholic University ( UCSAR ) is a private university founded in 1999 that belongs to the Santa Rosa University Foundation. However, despite its recent birth as a house of studies, it is one of the oldest academic campuses in Venezuela , given that its beginnings date back to the time of the viceroyalty when the then Santa Rosa Seminary became, not only a pioneer of the intellectual and spiritual movement of the nation, but rather its philosophy serves as the genesis for what is now known as the Central University of Venezuela .

UCSAR organizes its academic activities in five Faculties. The Faculties are made up of Schools or Careers, these being the places where the teaching function is exercised at the undergraduate level, these schools can grant more than one degree and are also made up of teaching groups (Departments and Chairs) of Research and Extension.

The “Santa Rosa” Catholic University is an institution that promotes the integral education of man, favours the generation of knowledge, encourages the construction and deepening of knowledge; train suitable professionals, with social sensitivity, supportive and committed to the demands of the new times, guided by humanism and Christian principles, who respond to the spiritual and material needs of the country.

Santa Rosa Catholic University Offering Programmes


Public accounting


Business Administration

Social communication

Audiovisual Mention

Printed Mention

Organizational Mention



Mention: Comprehensive

Mention: Preschool



Founders of the UCSAR



The careers that the university currently offers are:

 Theology, Philosophy, Education (in the mentions: comprehensive and preschool), 

Social Communication, Law, Business Administration and Public Accounting.

 It also offers different specializations in the area of ​​Law such as a doctorate and a master’s degree in:

 Criminal Sciences and Criminalistics.

Santa Rosa Catholic University Tuition Fees | Admission

Applicants to pursue undergraduate studies at the Pontifical Santa Rosa Catholic University, must participate in the University Initiation Course. (I.C.U.).

Step 1: To be entitled to participate in it, they must pay Bs. 500,000.00 in the way described below:

 payment of such amount must be made, in an electronic transfer that will be exclusively for the aforementioned total, whose proof of payment (screenshot) must be saved in a digital file, for demonstrate having made a successful transfer to the checking accounts from which your owner is the “Santa Rosa Catholic University”, whose Tax Information Registry (R.I.F) is N° J-306313060, and they are indicated below:

1.- Banco Caribe Checking Account No. 0114-0157111575001315.

2.- Banco Mercantil Current Account No. 0105-0083-43-1083068571.

3.-Banesco Current Account No. 0134-0328733281072646.

4.- National Credit Bank No. 0191-0001-49-2101132613.

Step 2: The proof of payment (screenshot) of the transfer successful electronic on the total cost of the University Initiation Course (C.I.U.),

It must be sent from the applicant’s email to the following email address:

, indicating the applicant’s data related to your full name, identity card number, career to study, shift, phone number and email.

Step 3: The applicant will receive a message in his email to which he will attach the information related to the Academic Module of the Initiation Course University (C.I.U.).

Administrative Registration.

In order to carry out the administrative registration, it is mandatory to attach (in pdf format) duly completed, the ” LETTER OF COMMITMENT OF ADHESION TO THE ADMINISTRATIVE POLICIES AND REGULATIONS APPLIED BY THE PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA SANTA ROSA”

Errors and Suggestion

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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