Universidad Americana (Panama)

The American University is a private higher education institution that arises as a response to the needs of working adults, that is, of those workers who invest time and money with effort, sacrificing their free time and their moments of socialization, based on His studies.

All of the above, we can evidence with the recent accreditation granted by the Association of Private Universities of Central America. (AUPRICA) to UAM, by successfully meeting the requirements established as a University committed to improving academic quality.

Universidad Americana (Panama) Courses | Programmes

Bachelor degree programs

  • Business Administration and Sales Management
  • Business Administration and Sales Management (Virtual)
  • Human Resources Administration (Virtual)
  • International Banking and Finance
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Accounting and Auditing (Virtual)
  • Tourism with an emphasis on Hospitality and Cruise Services
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Computer Science with an emphasis on Management Computing
  • Law and political science
  • Doctor of medicine and surgery
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Medical technology

Masters Degree Programs

  • Master in Service and Customer Care
  • Master’s Degree in Senior Hotel Management and Tourist Services
  • Master’s Degree in Higher Teaching
  • Master of Business Administration MBA
  • Master in Maritime Law
  • Master in International Business and Finance
  • Master in Procedural Law

PhD Degree Programs

Not Reported

Universidad Americana (Panama) Tuition Fee

Not Reported

Universidad Americana (Panama) Admission

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree

1 Copy of the High School Diploma.

1 Copy of First Cycle Credits.

1 Copy of Second Cycle Credits.

2 Copies of ID (Minor: Birth Certificate)

1 Certificate of good health.

2 passport size photos

Foreigners: Diploma and credits apostilled or stamped by the Embassy of Foreign Relations.

Commitments when acquiring the Undergraduate Scholarship

Keep your monthly payments up to date.

Do not miss any semester.

Enroll all the subjects of the semester.

Advantages of the Bachelor’s Degree

Approved Bachelor’s degrees.

Academic excellence.

Strategic Locations.

Flexible schedules.

Short Races.

Flexible payments.

Good attention.

Entry Requirements Bachelor’s Degree

National Students

Present original and 1 copies of the Bachelor’s degree.

Submit original and 2 copies of completed high school credits.

Original Good Health Certificate and 1 copy

Three (3) passport size photos

Submit the original and three (3) copies of the ID

Foreign students:

New students who have completed their high school studies abroad must present their high school diploma and high school credits duly authenticated or apostilled by the Consulate or Embassy of Panama in the country of origin and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, they must present a certification from the Ministry of Education of the recognition and comparison of the studies carried out.

Certificate of Good Health

Three (3) passport size photos

Submit the original and three (3) copies of the original passport with the immigration entry and exit stamp.

permanence requirements

The student during his studies must maintain a cumulative index of not less than one (1).

All the subjects of the career must be approved with a minimum grade of C (71); in case of failure of a subject, it must be repeated only once and obtain a minimum of C (71).

Class attendance is compulsory and corresponds to 80%. 30% absenteeism does not give the right to note.

At the end of your career you must maintain an average of C (71) to a maximum average of three (3)

Maintain and preserve good human relations with administrators, teachers and classmates.

Graduation Requirements

Have passed all the subjects of the degree program with their academic credits.

Have obtained a minimum final score of 71. and an index not less than 1.00, in the number system.

Perform 75 hours of Social Practice UCA, UAM Community and Action during the degree distributed as follows: 15 hours of general knowledge, 10 hours of Action, 50 hours of community service. This practice has no remuneration.

Carry out a supervised technical practice of 160 hours in the subject Supervised Technical Practice (**) that takes place in the VI Semester.

Carry out a Final Graduation Project that is a) a Professional Practice in a public or private institution linked to the business sector for a period of 405 hours that will be evaluated by an executive of the institution, and two evaluations in the semester by the professor responsible for the chair In this practice, a monograph of the practice is carried out, which collects the experiences and results of it. The evaluation of the practice constitutes 60% of the final grade of the Graduation Work and then the monograph whose value is 40% of the final grade. b) Elaborate a Degree Thesis that is sustained before a jury

Be in good standing with the institution (financial, Library, Academic Records) and with other services provided by the university.

Pass level or proficiency exam of the English language. The English Language exam is a written and oral exam that collects the compendium of the knowledge acquired.

Validation Requirements

Submit Original Credits from the University of Origin with their respective seals.

Origin Career Study Plan with original stamps

Content of Materials with original seals 


Locations where we offer Bachelor’s degrees:

Central Panama Headquarters – Banking Area Telephone: 282-1919 / 282-1924

Panama East Headquarters Telephone: 309.5656

West Panama Headquarters Telephone: 258-2222 / 258.2210 / 258.2211  /

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