Technological University of Panama

The Technological University of Panama ( UTP ), is a state institution, whose Central Campus is located in Panama City , Republic of Panama .

Also known as “La Tecnológica”, the  UTP  has a national presence in seven Regional Centers: Bocas del Toro Regional Center, Chiriquí Regional Center, Veraguas Regional Center, Azuero Regional Center, Coclé Regional Center, Colon Regional , West Panama Regional Center . In addition, it has two University Extensions, one in Howard and the other in  Tocumen.

Its educational offer shows institutional growth. Currently, 150 careers and programs are taught at different levels, as follows: 7 Doctorates, 56 Master’s degrees, 22 Postgraduate degrees, 1 Professorship, 28 Bachelor’s degrees in Engineering, 26 Bachelor’s degrees with an intermediate Technician degree, 1 Bachelor’s degree in Technology and 9 Technical careers . In terms of demand, it has increased from 5,735 students in 1981 to 27,210 in 2021. It has a teaching staff of 1,750 professors, 31% full-time, 1,886 administrative staff, and 125 researchers. The UTP is a national leader in research in the engineering area; It serves as a center of reference and expertise in technology.

Technological University of Panama Courses | Programmes

Bachelor degree programs

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Topography
  • Bachelor of Buildings
  • Bachelor of Automated Drawing
  • Bachelor of Geomatics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Port Maritime Engineering
  • Bachelor of Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor of Sanitation and Environment
  • Bachelor of Maritime and Port Operations
  • Bachelor of Geological Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Project Management

Masters Degree Programs

  • Water Resources Scientist
  • In Construction Project Management
  • In Geotechnical Engineering
  • In Urban and Regional Development
  • In Planning and Port Management
  • In Geographic Information Systems
  • In Structural Engineering
  • In Environmental Engineering

PhD Degree Programs

  • Doctorate in Project Engineering

Technological University of Panama Tuition Fee

Bachelor of Civil EngineeringB/. 605.50
Bachelor of TopographyB/. 549.00
Bachelor of BuildingsB/. 519.00
Bachelor of Automated DrawingB/. 459.00
Bachelor of Geomatics EngineeringB/. 552.40
Bachelor of Port Maritime EngineeringB/. 620.00
Bachelor of Environmental EngineeringB/. 591.30
Bachelor of Sanitation and EnvironmentB/. 548.20
Bachelor of Maritime and Port OperationsB/. 488.20
Bachelor of Geological EngineeringB/. 650.50
Bachelor of Engineering in Construction Project ManagementB/. 432.90
Water Resources Scientist$7,500.00
In Construction Project ManagementThe approximate cost of the Postgraduate course is B/. 1,880.40. The approximate cost of the Master is: Master’s Degree in Construction Project Management (1) B/. 2,885.80. Master’s in Construction Project Management (2) and (3) B/. 3,110.80.
In Geotechnical EngineeringThe cost of the program includes: credits (the cost of a credit is B/. 75.00)
In Urban and Regional DevelopmentThe cost of the program includes: credits (the cost of a credit is B/. 75.00)
In Planning and Port ManagementNot Reported
In Geographic Information SystemsNot Reported
In Structural EngineeringThe approximate cost of the Postgraduate course is B/.1,911.70 The approximate cost of the Master is: Structural Engineering Master (1) B/. 2,885.80. Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering (2) and (3) B/. 3,110.80.
In Environmental EngineeringThe approximate cost of the Postgraduate course is B/.1,980.40. The approximate cost of the Master is: Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering (1) B/. 2,985.80. Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering (2) and (3) B/. 3,210.80.
Doctorate in Project EngineeringThe approximate cost of the Doctorate is B/.10,515.00

Technological University of Panama Admission

Welcome to the page of the National Directorate of the University Entrance System (SIU), of the Technological University of Panama (UTP).

Students promoted from all high schools approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Panama can apply to the Admission Process.

UTP tests are currently done online. Requirements to perform them:

Desktop Computer or Laptop or Tablet (that supports Microsoft Teams ).



Compatible speakers or headsets or equivalent devices.

Stable internet access.

To start your registration, access the Admission Process  and the  Admission Process Calendar , through which you will obtain relevant information about admission 2023.

Contact Information and Business Hours

SIU Panama:    560-3073 / 560-3074 / 560-3151.

SIU Azuero:      966-8448 / 966-8851 / 6517-5790.

SIU Bocas del Toro:      758-5130 / 758-8373 / 758-7490 / 6736-3662.

SIU Chiriqui:    728-3808 / 728-3807 / 6974-7575 / 6406-7954.

SIU Cocle:         906-0664 / 997-7323 / 997-9623 / 6594-0507.

SIU Colon          473-0136 / 473-0244 / 6381-1398 / 6889-8469.

SIU West Panama:       244-0377 / 244-1450.

SIU Veraguas:                999-3991 / 6589-2706.

Address: Technological University of Panama, Ricardo J. Alfaro Avenue, Dr. Víctor Levi Sasso Metropolitan Campus, Administrative Building, ground floor.

Office Hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Google coordinates: 9° 01′ – 79° 31′

Telephones: (507) 560-3073 – (507) 560-3074 – (507) 560-3151



Postal Address: Apartado 0819-07289 El Dorado, Panama, province of Panama, Republic

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