Taj Institute of Higher Education | موسسه تحصیلات عالی تاج

University Overview

Taj Institute of Higher Education was established in 2010 in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan. Taj Institute of Higher Education is a registered university with the Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan. The University has three faculties: (Medical, Law and Political Sciences, Economics). Taj Institute of Higher Education has 1996 students (688 women and 1308 men) taught through more than 65 male and female faculty members, as well as doctoral, postgraduate and postgraduate professors. Please see below details. Find more universities in Afghanistan: List of Universities in Afghanistan.

Academics & Degree Levels

  • Faculty of Economics
    – Department of Business Administration
    – Department of Accounting and Management
  • Faculty of Law and Political Sciences
    – Department of Administration and Diplomacy
    – Department of Judiciary and Prosecution
  • Medical Faculty

Admission & Tuition

For application and tuition fees you need fill out universities registration form. Online Admission & Registration link: http://taj.edu.af/eng/online.php. For registration you need enter some information (Phone, faculty, graduation yers, tazkira no, name, last name, e-mail and location. Find more universities in Afghanistan: List of Universities in Afghanistan.

Costs & Life in Afghanistan

Transportation Fees:
– Local bus price (one-way ticket): 20 AFN = 0,26 USD
– Monthly pass: 1,250 AFN = 16,50 USD
– Intercity bus: 6-7 AFN = 0,078 – 0,091 USD
– Taxi starts: 50 AFN = 0,65 USD

Food Prices:
– Bread (500g): 25,45 AFN = 0,32 USD
– Water (1,5 Lt): 30,00 = 0,39 USD
– Eggs (12): 82,56 AFN = 1,07 USD

Accommodation Prices:
– Monthly rent (1-2 bedroom): 5,000 – 10,000 = 65-130 USD
– Utilities for 1 month (gas, heating…): 1,000 – 1,250 AFN = 12-15 USD

NOTE: The exchange rate may vary. Please check the latest exchange rate! Also fees can be changed.

General Information

Nameموسسه تحصیلات عالی تاج
Phone0093 794 363 171
LocationMazar-e-Sharif, Masoud Road, East of Balkh University
Control TypePrivate
Country Rank13 (webometrics.info)
World Rank19923 (webometrics.info)

University Map

University Video

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