About the university

(SAU), disclosing the potentiality as a leading international institution of higher learning of Agricultural perspectives in Bangladesh, strives to magnetize and nurture outstanding scholars in Home and from around the world through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange, contributing to the encroachment of society and the development of leaders through a global presence, regional significance and engagement with the rational activities to fill the demand of time.

Their mission aims to be a centre of excellence for agricultural studies and developing the leaders of tomorrow in sustainable development relating to the agriculture, rural economy, built environment and ensure food security, and to provide leadership regionally, nationally and internationally through its education, research and knowledge exchange activities.

Academic licenses granted by the university. Offering Programs.

Undergraduate Programmes

Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)


B.Sc. in Agriculture (Hons)


B.Sc. in Fisheries (Hons)

Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

B.Sc. Ag Econ. (Hons)

Agricultural Engineering and Technology

 B.Sc. in Agricultural Engg. & Tech

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

B.Sc. in Biotech & Genetic Engg

 Postgraduate Programmes

Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences

MS in Anatomy

MS in Physiology

MS in Pharmacology

MS in Microbiology

MS in Epidemiology & Public Health

MS in Animal Nutrition

MS in Animal Science

MS in Dairy Science

MS in Poultry Science

MS in Genetics & Animal Breeding

MS in Parasitology

MS in Pathology

MS in Medicine

MS in Surgery

MS in Theriogenology


MS in Agronomy

MS in Soil Science

MS in Crop Botany

MS in Genetics & Plant Breeding

MS in Horticulture

MS in Plant Pathology

MS in Entomology

MS in Agricultural Extension Education

MS in Agroforestry

MS in Environmental Science

MS in Agricultural Chemistry


MS in Aquaculture

MS in Aquatic Resource Management

MS in Coastal & Marine Fisheries

MS in Fish Health Management

MS in Fisheries Biology & Genetics

MS in Fisheries Technology and Quality Control

Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

MS in Agricultural Economics (Production Economics)

MS in Rural Sociology & Development

MS in Agricultural Statistics

MS in Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Finance & Banking)

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

MS in Biochemistry

PhDs Programmes


 Doctor of Philosophy

 Agricultural Economics and Business Studies

Doctor of Philosophy (Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Policy)

Admission and Requirements. Fees structure and details

Offering 8 Public Universities of Bangladesh.

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3.Admit Card Download

4.Admission Test



Agriculture Cluster Admission System, 2022


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