Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH)

Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) was initially started in the year 2000 as Hargeisa College of Applied Arts and Technology (Hargeisa CAAT). After eight years of successful operations, it became necessary to capitalize the success story of the College by transforming it to a full university in order to meet the new challenges that are imposed on the socio-economic context of Somaliland.

While Hargeisa College will remain as a centre of excellence for vocational training SUTECH shall provide an accessible and flexible study route to meet your career goals. SUTECH’s lecturing staff are all appropriately qualified with considerable teaching experience.

SUTECH academic acclaim is built on curricula that provide top qualifications for careers. It provides high quality education that meets the evolving socio-economic development needs of our country. Our educational programs are skill-based and supported by facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Somaliland University of Technology (SUTECH) Offering Programs

The BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) is a bac+2 level diploma. With its theoretical and practical courses, its professionalizing internships, the BTS naturally opens the doors to the labor market.

In 2 years after the baccalaureate. The BTSA (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Agricole) is a diploma for professional purposes in an agricultural field.

The DUT (Technological University Diploma) is a professional diploma which is prepared in two years. More general than its counterpart the BTS, the DUT makes further studies more accessible.

The diplomas issued by the specialized schools are numerous and of unequal value. These may be state diplomas, especially in the social and paramedical sectors, national diplomas such as in accounting or management schools (DCG) or school-specific diplomas.

The DOCTORATE is prepared in 3 intensive years and consists of research work based on the writing of a thesis, seminars and conferences.

First milestone of long studies at university, LICENSES cover many areas. Organized in courses combining several disciplines, they allow students to consider a progressive orientation at different stages of the course.

The PROFESSIONAL LICENSE confers the degree of license. Developed in partnership with professionals, this diploma allows you to specialize or acquire a dual skill.

Accessible to bac + 3, the MASTERS combine academic knowledge, professionalization and research. Organized in fields, mentions and paths, these diplomas make it possible to fit into many sectors of activity.

Somaliland University of Technology Admission and Fees structure

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