Rafael Belloso Chacin University

RAFAEL BELLOSO CHACIN UNIVERSITY Created on October 5, 1989, the Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín Private University begins its academic activities on March 26 of the following year with 567 students and 100 professors, around the Faculties of: Engineering, Administrative Sciences and Computer Sciences , with the Schools of Computer Engineering, Business Administration, Business Administration and Information Technology.

Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín was a man who showed a wide range of human, scientific, educational and citizen facets. He died in his native Maracaibo on November 20, 1971, leaving an indelible example in the history of Zulia. This University is dedicated to that example of love and dedication, which it proudly perpetuates and bears his name. Website: https://www.urbe.edu/index.jsp

Rafael Belloso Chacin University Offered Courses

Rafael Belloso Chacin University has 5 faculties, 9 schools and a total of 17 careers:

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Informatic Engineering
  • School of Computer Engineering
  • School of Industrial Engineering
  • School of Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications, Automation, and Control)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • School of Education (Integral and Preschool)
  • School of Mass Communication (Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations)
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • Accounting
  • School of Administration (Business, Marketing, Banking and Insurance)
  • Human Resources Management
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • Graphic Design: This major focuses on giving the students the right tools to perform in the graphic design studies.
  • Faculty of Law
  • Law School

Rafael Belloso Chacin University Admission

Sign up like this:


Fill out the Pre-registration form via the web at www.urbe.edu/preinscripciones

Make bank transfers from the SAME BANK in the name of URBE, RIF J070345071, for pre-registration.

After completing the pre-registration form, submit it along with proof of bank transfer and a photocopy of your identity card by sending an email to nuevos.ingresos@urbe.edu and within 48 business hours for validation.

The cost of the Academic Period is equal to the number of credit units to be taken, multiplied by its value.

 The value of the Credit Unit (UC) will be subject to modification in the event of an increase in the operating costs of the institution or authorization from official entities.

Know the total number of credit units that the career of your preference has in the study plan.

Payment Methods


Deposit in any of the authorized banks in cash; debit card or credit card (Visa and Master Card), the total payment of the value of the Academic Period. (Total Credit Unit for its cost).

By installments (financed without interest)

The URBE provides its students with interest-free financing of the cost of studies, by paying an initial payment and a remaining balance: divided into 4 consecutive installments, after 13 UC for LAW and 11 UC for other careers, which will be canceled according to the attached payment schedule.

Rafael Belloso Chacin University Tuition Fees

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For further details

Address: M9V8+G7F, Troncal6, Maracaibo 4005, Zulia, Venezuela

Phone: +58 261-2008723


Distance Studies +58 261 2008872

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