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The Open University is an affiliated scientific institution for education and scientific research. It is a member of the Association of Arab Universities and a member of the Arab Network for Open Education and Distance Education, and it has scientific and cultural cooperation with some Arab and foreign universities.

The Open University applies the distance education system, virtual, open and traditional, where the university transfers its educational decisions and programs to the student, instead of the academic transfer to it, and it is a system based on self-learning, in which the student bears the responsibility of teaching himself by himself, and receives scientific supervision and direct guidance by professors Specialists for guidance and direction in every stage of study.

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For a student to be accepted into a postgraduate program to obtain one of the accredited certificates in the program, the following is required:

  1. To have a first university degree or an equivalent recognized certificate for the high school diploma. Students who are graduates of higher institutes and technical colleges may be accepted, provided that they pass complementary courses suggested by the academic advisor for postgraduate studies in the division.
  2. To have a high degree of license recognized by the Academic Qualifications Equivalency Committee at the Quality Center for applicants to obtain the exact license. 
  3. The applicant for registration in the bachelor’s degree program (second track) must pass the written and oral examinations decided by the Department of Postgraduate Studies Council. 
  4. The student must submit a statement of the required level of the language of study according to the university’s requirements.
  5. The applicant for registration in the Bachelor’s Degree Program (Track Three) must submit a statement of actual experience in his field of specialization of no less than ten years. 
  6. Conditions for differentiation may be set in case the number of applicants exceeds the specified capacity in each semester.
  7. The student is obligated to pay the registration fees specified in these regulations and within the specified period.
  8. The student is not entitled to request a refund of the registration fee after the lapse of four weeks since the beginning of the semester.
  9. The general conditions contained in the Higher Education Regulation attached to Resolution No. (501) of 2010 shall be applied, with the exception of the following articles and conditions: 
  1. Article 117 Paragraph (b) related to the condition of approval of the employer.
  2. Article 123 relating to suspension of registration.
  3. The requirement for the approval of the research plan in the National Authority for Scientific Research.

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