Nord University

Nord University located in Norway with the population of around 5.4 million. University acceptance rate is 75 – 80 %. University accepts local and international students. Language of education is Norwegian. There is a many universities offers English Degree programs. Students can apply for Bachelor (B.Sc.), Masters (M.Sc.) and for PhD degree programmes. The university is a officially registered university with the Ministry of higher Education in Norway.

Nord University Courses

Master’s degree programmes

Business (Master of Science)
Full time // On campus (Bodø)

Biosciences (Master)
Full time // On campus (Bodø and Steinkjer)

Global Management (Master)
Full time // On campus (Bodø)

Sustainable Production and Utilisation of Marine Bioresources (Nordic Master)
Full time // On campu​s (Bodø)

Bachelor’s degree programmes

Biology (Bachelor of Science)
Full time // On campus (Bodø)​

CG Art and Animation (Bachelor)
Full time // On campus (Levanger)

Circumpolar and Nordic Studies (Bachelor)
Full time // Online and on campus (Bodø)

English (Bachelor)
Full time // On campus (Bodø)​

Film and TV Production (Bachelor)
Fulltime // On campus (Levanger)

Games and Entertainment Technology​ (Bachelor)
Fulltime // On campus (Levanger)​​

Nord University Tuition Fees

The Norwegian G​overnment has proposed the introduction of tuition fees for students from countries outside the EU/EEA/EFTA, beginning in the 2023 fall semester. This does not apply to exchange students from partner universities, or to students from the EU/EEA/EFTA. Admitted applicants will receive more information about the proposed tuition fee in the admission letter.

Nord University Admission

Please check that all your documentation is considered valid documentation​

  • Valid passport
  • Officially issued transcripts and diplomas from both secondary and higher education must be uploaded to the online application portal when you apply. ​
  • Documentation regarding English requirement. 
  • You must upload an offic​ial translation of documentation not provided in English, Swedish, Danish or Norwegian. Only translations carried out by a government authorized or otherwise accredited translator will be considered. You must also include a copy of the original document.
  • Documentation of name change (if applicable).
  • Enclosure form (PDF)

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Nord University Scholarships

Nord University does not offer any grants​ or scholarships.​

Nord University Location

Errors and Suggestions

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university, do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. 

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Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university. Make contact with university before your final decision.For more: List of universities by country

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