National Institute of Business

The National Institute of Business was established in 1979 after the nation was liberated from the ashes of the Pol Pot genocidal regime. At that time, the institute was located in the block of Descartes High School in France. During the initial operation, the institute was called the “Central Technical School” and had the same status as the department under the direct control of the Ministry of Commerce. At that time, the school trained cadres in the business sector and cadres in other institutions and units involved in the traffic and distribution of goods.

In 1985, the Council of Ministers issued a decision to change the name from the Central Technical School of Business to the Secondary School of Business with the same status as the Provincial Department of Commerce, and to provide secondary training in the field of business for civil servants and students. General education with a level of education from a high school diploma level 1 and up, and the study period is 3 years, in which you must complete one year of basic knowledge and two years of specialized study. The majors are trained in Business, Accounting, Planning, Statistics, Foreign Trade, Equipment.

National Institute of Business Offered Courses | Programmes

Short Courses

Computer short Courses

English Courses

Associate Programs


Accounting and Finance

Banking and Finance

Sales and Marketing

Information Technology

Bachelors Programs


Accounting and Finance

Banking and Finance

Sales and Marketing

Information Technology

English Language

Masters Programs

Master of Management

Master of Finance

National Institute of Business Tuition Fees

Short Courses

Ranging $30-$50

Associates Degree:

By Sem. $210. By Year $400

Bachelor’s Degree:

By Sem. $210. By Year $400

International Business Management – By Sem. $280. By Year $550

International Business – By Sem. $280. By Year $550

Continue 3rd Year:

By Sem. $210. By Year $400

Master Degree:

Accounting and Finance: By Sem. $360. By Year $700

Management: By Sem. $360. By Year $700

National Institute of Business Required Documents

Technical and Vocational Degree, 9th grade graduates with equivalent or equivalent certificate

Associate / Master’s degree Candidates must have a high school diploma orHigh school or equivalent degree

Bachelor’s degree Candidates must have a high school diploma or equivalent degree

For the third year bachelor’s degree, candidates must have an associate degree (master’s degree) or equivalent degree are allowed to enter 3rd year study

Master’s degree (Master’s degree) Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent

National Institute of Business Admission

Students have to complete an application form for admission, personal data and relevant documents and submit to the Division of Academic Affairs for evaluation.

Students need to fill this application form as well –

For any inquiries, students can also contact at 

Tel: 012 606 572, 012 853 030, 011 722 188

Email address: Website:

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