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Nakhchivan State University was established in 1967 and located in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is a country located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia with the population of around 10 million. The State university is a officially registered university with the Ministry of Higher Education in Republic of Azerbaijan. The university’s doors are open for international student admission. Nakhchivan State University offers preparation, bachelor’s, master’s and doctor of philosophy degree programs. The currency of the country is manat. Tuition fees range from $ 1000 to $ 5000. Many universities in Azerbaijan accept students without exams.

Academic Programs & Degree Levels

Admission Procedures

Admission Procedures 2021/2022 not reported yet.

Admission informations will be here after university announce. You can visit this page later or you can visit university website. Thank your for your patience!

Nakhchivan State University – registration dates, how to make online application, required documents, deadline / university open days?

Student Life in Azerbaijan

1. Accommodation

Accommodation options for international students are:

  • Rental apartment: You can find lots of rental apartments in Azerbaijan, especially in Baku.
  • University dormitory: Foreign students have the opportunity to live in the dormitories of the university if they are in satisfactory conditions.
  • Private dormitories: Univerium – Your Modern and Stylish Student Living
2. Cost of Living
  • Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,514.60 manat without rent.
  • A single person estimated monthly costs are 704.89 manat without rent.
3. International Alumni Association

The Association brings together foreign alumni who were educated in Azerbaijan up to date. Since 1991 (after regaining independence), more than 15,000 foreign students from different countries of the world studied in Azerbaijan.

Tuition and Fees / Fee Structure

Local Students
(Per Year)
International Students
BSc Degree1000-2500 $1000-2500 $ per year
MSc Degree1000-4000 $1000-4000 $ per year
Doctorate Programs1500-4000 $1500-4000 $ per year
Preparation Courses600  -2000 $600  -2000 $ per year
Cost of Living6000 manat6000 AZ manat per year

Note: Fees may change. Please make contact with university before making your final decision.

General Information

NameNakhchivan State University
AccreditedMinistry of Education, Republic of Azerbaijan
Control TypeState University
Website ,
Fax / Phone994 (036) 545 15 16 FAX :+ 994 (036) 545 07 45
AddressBabak avenue 1, Nakchichivan AR Azerbaijan
Contry Rank11 –
World Rank27388 –
UniversitiesList of Accredited universities in Republic of Azerbaijan

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