Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University

Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University is a regional educational and scientific centre situated in Mogilev city, Belarus. Mogilev Republic A. Kuleshov University was founded in 1913. The first President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was among the graduates of the University, as well as the Heroes of Soviet Union and the Heroes of Socialist Labour, more than 300 Honoured Teachers and outstanding workers of the country’s system of education, scientists, writers, state and public figures, sportsmen – The World, Europe, and Olympic champions. Today the University is a scientific, educational and cultural center and provides education for the preparation of professionals and researchers in various scientific fields.

Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University Offering Programs

The university includes 7 faculties:

Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Foreign Languages

History and Philology

Pedagogy and Psychology of Childhood

Primary and Music Education

Physical Education

Economics and Law

In addition, the university includes:

Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining

Social and Humanitarian College

Goretsky Pedagogical College

Faculty of foreign languages


-Romano-Germanic Philology

Philologist. Teacher of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Interpreter (English and German)

-Romano-Germanic Philology

Philologist. Teacher of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Interpreter (English and French)

Faculty of History and Philology


-History and Social Sciences Teacher

-Belarusian Language and Literature Teacher

-Russian Language and Literature. Foreign Language (English) Teacher

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


-Biology and Chemistry


-Information Technology Software

Software Engineer

-Mathematics and Informatics


-Physics and Informatics


Faculty of Primary and Music Education


-Primary Education


-Music, Rhythmic and Choreography

Educator. Musician. Teacher

Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of Childhood


-Preschool education



Psychologist. Psychology Teacher


Teacher. Speech Therapist. Teacher

Faculty of Physical Education


-Physical Training


Faculty of Economics and Law


-Economic Law

Lawyer with Knowledge of Economics



-Social Communications

Specialist in Social Communication

-Information Resource Management

Manager. Economist of Information Systems

Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University Admission and Requirements

Admission process

For entrance into the Republic of Belarus to study at Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University a foreigner should receive an invitation from the university.

To receive an invitation, an applicant should submit the following documents:

copy of the diploma with the subjects and examination grades (marks);

translation of the diploma into the Russian language;

copy of the passport or other identity document;

translation of the passport or other identity document into Russian;

copy of birth certificate;

translation of birth certificate into Russian;

The documents should be sent to the email address  or to the University address:

Mogilev State A.A. Kuleshov University

International Relations Department

Mogilev, Kosmonavtov st, 1

212022 Republic of Belarus

On arrival in Mogilev a foreigner should come to the International Relations Department of the University on the same day (if he comes in the morning or afternoon), or the next day (if he comes in the evening) and submit the following documents:

Passport with an academic visa to the Republic of Belarus.

Translation of the passport into Russian.

Application for admission (filled in the Department of International Relations).

The original document of education with the subjects and obtained marks (points).

Translation of the document of education with the subjects and obtained marks (points) into Russian.

Medical certificate of health, immunization card, certificate of absence of HIV infection and the fluorography result.

Birth certificate.

Translation of birth certificate into Russian.

8 photos (3×4 cm).

Medical insurance (can be issued at the University).

International Relations Department is located at:

Mogilev, 1 Kosmonavtov street (educational building №1), 3rd floor, rooms №309-310.

Office hours: Monday-Friday from 8.30 to 17.30, lunch: 13.00-13.40 weekend: Saturday and Sunday. Phone: +375 222 283949

! If you arrive in Mogilev in the evening or at night, contact the International Relations Department in advance to get a seat in the dormitory

After reviewing the submitted documents, the staff of the department issues a temporary registration of a foreigner in the Ministry of internal affairs of Belarus and directs a foreigner to medical examination.

Registration (temporary residence) of a foreign citizen is issued within 5 days from the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Belarus.

Medical examination for foreigners is carried out in the university health center and clinic.

Candidates for training at the faculties of the University, who was not trained in the preparatory department of Mogilev State A.A. Kuleshov University, must pass entrance examinations in the Russian language.

If the admission committee decides that applicant’s knowledge of Russian is not enough to absorb the training program, the applicant may be invited to study at the preparatory department of the university.

For the period of entrance examinations applicants are accommodated in dormitory for a fee.

After passing the entrance examinations a foreigner should come to the International Relations Department to sign a contract for training. Within 14 days from the date of signing the contract, but no later than October 15, it is necessary to pay tuition fees in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Schedule and curriculum can be found at the faculty.

Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University Fees structure and details

Tuition fee

Name of educational servicesTuition fee per year (USD)
1.Tuition fee per year for foreign students (First Stage of Higher Education/Bachelor Degree)
1–5 years
2.The cost of master’s course for foreign students (Master Degree).
The language of study — Russian
3.The cost of master’s course for foreign students (Master Degree).
The language of study — English
4.Tuition fee per year for foreign students at the Preparatory department1600
5.The Russian language courses for foreign students (5 month)The price depends on the number of students in a group and the number of academic hours
6.Individual Russian language courses for foreign students11 USD for 1 academic hour

Errors and Suggestion

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