Modern University for Business and Science

Modern University for Business and Science is a fully accredited Lebanese not-for-profit private university. The university was founded 2000 in the city of Damour, and has since expanded to include three campuses and an Education Center in major Lebanese cities.

The University has four schools: International School of Business (ISB), Computer & Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Education & Social Work, in addition to the British School of Business (BAL). The student body has grown to over 2000 students spread across the campuses and various schools.

MUBS prides itself for its academic integrity, high-quality education, research, innovation, and community engagement through educational, cultural, and intellectual initiatives.

Modern University for Business and Science Academic Programs | Courses

Modern University for Business and Science Tuition Fees


Main feesTD ( LBP)MBA (LBP)
Application Fee480,000500,000
Placement Tests (Total)400,000
Registration Fee580,000580,000
Technology fees & e-library480,000480,000
Blood type80,00080,000
Tuition Unit  Cost LBP  
Teaching Diploma in Education Credit Hour          900,000  
Master of Science in Computer Science (MCS)Credit Hour          1,000,000  
Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)Credit Hour          1,100,000  
Fees to be paid with tuitionTD ( LBP)MBA (LBP)
Student services & Insurance480,000480,000
Other feesTD ( LBP)MBA (LBP)
NSSF Fees (when applicable)202,500202,500(Legally required & should be paid with the first tuition voucher)
Special case feesTD ( LBP)MBA (LBP)
Late Registration
Change of Major400,000400,000


Main fees Cost LBP
Application Fee                  300,000
Placement Tests (Total)                  300,000
Registration Fee                  400,000
Technology fees & e-library                  480,000
Blood type                    80,000
Tuition Unit Cost LBP 
International School of Business (ISB) Credit Hour          800,000  
School of Computer & Applied Sciences Credit Hour          800,000  
School of Health Sciences (SHS) Credit Hour          800,000  
School of Education and Social Work Credit Hour          800,000  
Fees to be paid with tuition Cost LBP
Student services & Insurance                  480,000
Other fees Cost LBP
NSSF Fees (when applicable)                  202,500(Legally required & should be paid with the first tuition voucher)
Special case fees Cost LBP
Late Registration0
SHS Library & Lab. Deposit Fee 200,000
Change of Major400,000

Modern University for Business and Science Admission

Applying to the Modern University for Business and Science could not be any easier. You can apply by visiting the campus of your choice and filling an application form. Please make sure you have all the required documents specified in the admission requirements.Or apply online by clicking on the icon below. You will be directed to an external website where you will be required to create a personal account at the University Management System (UMS). After creating your account you will instantaneously receive a confirmation message. Enter the username and password that you selected and fill the online application. You can upload all the required documents electronically. If you have a problem with your online application, do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office at the campus near you.

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