Misurata University (جامعة مصراته)

Universities and institutions of higher education in general are centers of scientific and cultural radiation in society. They are the main source for the development of human resources that contribute to the economic, social and cultural development programs and plans of societies through the dissemination of knowledge, the carrying out of scientific and educational research, .
Therefore, the University of Misurata in the framework of its conviction that the human balance capable of giving and creativity, which contributes to the effective contribution to the progress of society and raise the standard of living and culture should have the appropriate environment to ensure a climate of education and high quality scientific research keep pace with scientific progress and achievements of contemporary civilization, In order to provide this appropriate intention in terms of construction, laboratory equipment, furniture and the provision of textbooks and teaching aids, the university, as a modern university, was established on buildings of general education, University buildings in order to provide appropriate facilities and university adopted a walk in two parallel lines

The first line is to raise the level of efficiency of existing colleges by maintaining and developing them, providing the necessary labs, working on creating the university climate for all colleges, as well as building some terraces, classrooms, gymnasiums and university cafés to ensure a suitable environment for university education and receiving the increasing number of high school graduates for the coming years. .

The second line: Initiation of a long-term plan aimed at implementing a major integrated campus complex in Misurata area (Al Swawah area – Zawiyat Al Mahjoub) accommodates 30 thousand students in the land allocated to the University with an area of ​​96 hectares. A specialized company for the implementation of this project, which is a great gain for the university, which contains the buildings of the schools (colleges) and administrative buildings and other facilities accompanying.

Misurata University Offered Courses | Programmes

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Nursing and Health Science
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Misurata University Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Misurata University Admission (جامعة مصراته)

1Application for admission to postgraduate studiesD D 11 – 1Download
2Postgraduate Student Information CardD D 11 – 2Download
3Affidavit of payment of tuition feesD D 11 – 3Download
4Application for admission to postgraduate studies for a foreign studentD D 11 – 4Download
5pledgeD D 11 – 5Download
6New student course download cardD D 11 – 6Download
7Registration renewal cardD D 11 – 7Download
8Deletion and Addition of Courses CardD D 11 – 8Download
9Request to withdraw from coursesD D 11 – 9 – 1Download
10Student attendance sheetDW 11 – 9 – 2Download
11Request to take an incomplete examD D 11 – 10Download
12Request to stop a recordD D 11 – 11Download
13grading cardD D 11 – 12Download
14College transfer requestD D 11 – 13Download
15thApplication for obtaining an identification cardD. D. 11 – 14 – 1Download
16statementD D 11 – 14 – 2Download
17Transcript of monitoring the grades of the work of the year or semester and the final exam for graduate studentsD D 11 – 15Download
18Warning regarding the academic status of a postgraduate studentD D 11 – 16Download
19Study card for postgraduate studentD D 11-17Download
20Thesis or thesis registration form and supervision assignmentD D 11-18Download
21Thesis or thesis preparation plan approval formD D 11 – 19Download
22Required data from the Ministry of EducationD D 11 – 20Download
23Follow-up report on a postgraduate student in the research phaseD D 11 – 21Download
24Acknowledgment of commitment to scientific integrityD D 11 – 22 – 1Download
25Report the completion of the preparation of the messageD D 11 – 22 – 2Download
26Confidential Evaluated Proposal FormD D 11 – 23 – 1Download
27Confidential Resident ReportD D 11 – 23 – 2Download
28Request to form a discussion and judgment committeeD D 11 – 24Download
29Thesis or dissertation evaluation formD D 11 – 25 – 1Download
30Application FormD D 11 – 25 – 4Download
31Exact leave (PhD) thesis evaluation formD D 11 – 25 – 5Download
32The decision of the discussion and judgment committee on the high degree thesis (Masters) is an internal procedureD D 11 – 25 – 6 – 1Download
33Approval form for the required modifications – Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree) internal procedureD D 11 – 25 – 6 – 2Download
34The decision of the discussion and judgment committee on the exact leave (PhD) is an internal procedureD D 11 – 25 – 7 – 1Download
35Approval form for the required modifications – the exact leave (PhD) is an internal procedureDW 11 – 25 – 7 – 2Download
36The decision of the discussion and judgment committee on the high degree thesis (Master)D D 11 – 25 – 8Download
37The decision of the discussion and judgment committee on the exact leave (PhD) thesisD D 11 – 25 – 9Download
38Request to obtain a graduation certificate or transcriptD D 11 – 26Download
39Form for delivery and receipt of high school diploma (Master’s) and exact leave (PhD) lettersD D 11 – 27Download
40Demonstrator or Postgraduate Student Release FormD D 11 – 28Download
41Withdraw a personal fileD D 11 – 29Download
42medical relief modelDW 11-30Download
43Graduate Certificate (Master’s)D D 11 – 31Download
44Graduate Certificate (PhD)D D 11 – 32Download
45Assignment form to teach courses + a statement of the number of hoursD D 11 – 33Download
46Acknowledgment of sponsoring a student sent to studyD D 11 – 34Download
47Teaching Assistant FormD D 11 – 35Download
48Teaching Assistant FormD D 11 – 36Download
49Reveal the official working hours of the teaching assistantsD D 11 – 37Download
50High-level models in full Word Version000Download
51Full Postgraduate Forms PDF Version000Download

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