Minatitlán Institute of Technology (ITM)

The MINATITLÁN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is part of a High Level Academic National System, committed to continuity in its actions throughout history. Founded on September 17, 1972, characterized by having a strong national sense, of solid development in the field of planning, execution and evaluation of the teaching-learning process. Contributing to the educational transformation of the country, directing our efforts towards sustainable human development and competitiveness, in addition to offering Higher Technological Quality Education services, which contributes to the formation of a fair and humane society.

Almost fifty years of experience support ITM and position them as the best Higher Education Institution in the Southern Region of the State of Veracruz.

Minatitlán Institute of Technology Offering Courses / Programmes


Industrial Eng.

Chemical Eng.

Electromechanical Eng.

Electronic Eng.

Computer Systems Eng.

Environmental Eng.

Bachelor in Administration

Eng. in Business Management


Industrial Eng.

Minatitlán Institute of Technology Admission


  1. Enter your Applicant session in Mind Box with your Application number (File) and the previously generated PIN. https://itminatitlan.mindbox.app/login/aspirante
  2. Print the BANK REFERENCE NUMBER that you will see reflected in your Mind Box session.

Minatitlán Institute of Technology Tuition Fees

Make the registration payment for the amount of $3,500 mx at the Santander Bank.

Mail for questions and doubts related to the registration payment:

Mail for questions and doubts related to the delivery / reception of Documentation: serviciosescolares@minatitlan.tecnm.mx

Mail for questions and doubts related to institutional mail: ccomputo@minatitlan.tecnm.mx

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university, 
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: counselorcorporation@gmail.com or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision. 

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