Mesoyios College

Mesoyios College (MC) is one of the leading private colleges in Cyprus with experienced and supportive academic staff, professional administrative personnel, and high-quality facilities and premises in a convenient location in the Limassol City Centre.

Different types of programs are available to suit students’ ambitions. MC offers a range of academic degrees in Hospitality and Business Studies and students have the opportunity, through our pathways, to continue their studies at Glion or Les Roches and get a Bachelor degree.

Specializing in academic and vocational hospitality education, MC apart from its well-equipped auditoriums and amphitheatres, operates several simulation laboratories -unique in Cyprus- for restaurant, bar, housekeeping, front office and spa services training. Students participate in hands-on experience leading classes and obtain practical skills so as to pursue a prosperous career after their graduation.

Mesoyios College Offered Courses | Programmes

  • Hotel, Casino and Resort Management
  • Business Administration
  • Hotel Management

Mesoyios College Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees for Mesoyios College – If you’ve got the ability, finance shouldn’t be a barrier to come here and be successful.

That’s why we’ve invested in one of the most generous financial packages in Cyprus.

The Tuition Fees per academic year are as follows:

Tuition feesEUR per academic year
Business Administration (4 academic years / 240 ECTS, BA)6,780
Hotel, Casino & Resort Management (4 academic years / 240 ECTS, BA)7,000
Hotel Management (3 academic years / 180 ECTS, Higher Diploma)6,800
Hospitality Operations Management (2 academic years / 120 ECTS, Diploma)6,800

The above tuition fees DO NOT include the application fee, academic registration fee, use of technology fee, laboratories fee and academic activities fee.

Special discounts and scholarships are available to students upon request. Applications are examined by the Academic Committee on individual basis.

Personal and Living Expenses

The monthly living expenses in Limassol, Cyprus, are estimated as following:

Accommodation = €300 – €500

Food = €100 – €200 (according to lifestyle)

Miscellaneous = €50 – €100 (according to lifestyle)

Transfer of Credits

Course Credits (ECTS) completed at other recognized institutions will be evaluated and may be transferred to the College according to the regulations of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA). The evaluation fee is €50. Official Transcripts and course descriptions in English need to be submitted.

Payment of Tuition and Other Fees

Tuition and other fees are payable before or at least upon registration for each academic year. For International students, the fees are payable before the submission of the application for VISA (Entry Permit) according to the regulations of Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department. For every following academic year, tuition and other fees should be paid in full prior or at least upon registration.

Payment Options

All payments to the College should be made in Euro (€) through bank transfer and students are advised to always mention their full name and passport/ID number.

Mesoyios College Admission

Admission criteria for undergraduate programs:

Admission requirements & procedures

Enrollment Criteria for Students

A non-discrimination student admissions policy is strongly followed by Mesoyios College. Candidates for admission at Mesoyios College, are considered without reference to race, colour, religion, sex, handicap or national origin. Thus, the diversity of the student community is a goal for Mesoyios College’s admissions Office in order to bringing a diverse range of academic backgrounds, experiences, special interests, talents and cultural heritage.

Therefore, it is mandatory for all candidates to possess a Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualification (in their country of origin).

Students may achieve an admission to the College, possible at the beginning of any semester. The admission is granted, depending on students’ qualifications and future educational path selected. The College admission policy relies on students’ past record including high school grades.

Proficiency of the English language is required for all programs taught in English. An English placement test is given to all incoming students. Its purpose is to determine the proficiency level of a student so as to recommend appropriate placement in English courses. Students with qualifications in English language such as: IELTS – 5, IGCSE – D, TOEFL IBT – 70, Password Test – 5, Anglia Examinations – Intermediate, Michigan Language Assessment (Proficiency of Michigan) – ECCE (52), Cambridge GCE AS Level English Language – C, University of Cambridge Exams – PET-Preliminary English Test will be able to follow normal program requirements (as described in individual program pathways).

–  Admission criteria for undergraduate programs:

 Regular Admission

The criteria for regular admission to the College undergraduate programs are as follows:

A Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate with an average mark of at least 50%, 10/20, or equivalent qualifications.

Transfer Admission: based on a transfer evaluation by the prospective program coordinator and the guidelines of the Ministry of Education & Culture.

Admission and Registration Instructions

The prospective student should send to the Office of Admissions, 3-5-7 Dimostheni Mitsi, 3022 Limassol, Cyprus or personally refer with the following:

Completed Application Form along with the required amount of €50.

Certificate or copy of the certificate of higher secondary school.

One photo (passport size).

A candidate who meets the minimum registration conditions in a tertiary school of education, as required in the Article 2 of the Law 67(I)96, but has some shortages in education, e.g. if he/she does not speak English very well so that it will be difficult to attend the course of his/her program, he/she will be accepted in this program of study provided that he/she will attend the English Summer Course or Foundation Year of study. After qualifying exams he/she will be placed in the first semester of his/her chosen program.

During his/her study in the first or second semester of the foundation year of study, the student will be taught every day for at least five teaching periods per day, but there would be no practical training in industry. All courses will be compulsory.

During his/her study, as well as at the end of each academic semester of the foundation year of study, the student will undergo oral and written exams, but will only be granted a certificate of attendance, without earning any ECTS or exclusion from future courses.

If the student’s performance at the end of the second semester of the foundation year of study is considered satisfactory by the Academic Council of the college, the student will be placed in the first semester of the first year of his/her academic program of study.

If the prospective student meets all the conditions for admission but after an interview is found that further enhance of English language skills is needed, the student will be accepted in the specific program of study provided that he/she will participate in the summer English course and will acquire a Sufficient English Language certificate of the college with a minimum success score of 60% in the final examination.

When a prospective student is admitted to Mesoyios College, the Office of Admissions will issue and send a Letter of Acceptance. After the candidate receives the Letter of Acceptance, he/she must pay tuition for the first year of study.

The final step in the admission process is the selection of courses for the chosen program of study, under the guidance of the counselors and teachers.

The Admissions Office will notify all new students for the specific date for selection of the courses.

–  Registration

Student registration is a standard procedure taking place prior the commencement of the new semester. This is a process that takes place between academic advisor and student. A registration period at Mesoyios College is applicable, during which academic advisors should consult students in order to be properly registered for their courses. Late registration is permitted, under exceptional conditions, but students registering late cannot be assured of space in the courses they would like to attend. Some courses may be cancelled as a result of low enrollment even prior to the end of late registration.

Students successfully completing their registration, will receive a personal timetable. On this timetable, important information will be issued such as the times of classes and the rooms in which they are to be held. Timetable changes are likely to occur during the first two weeks of classes and are publicized on the notice boards. Students may not be able to register if they have been suspended from Mesoyios College or if their names are on the Registration Stop List.

Students may not be allowed to registered in courses if they owe:

Money to the College, books to the library or any other reason.

For the above reasons, stop listed students will have to obtain a Stop List Clearance Letter to be allowed to register.

A decision made by the Disciplinary Committee:

Dismissal from Mesoyios College due to unethical or violent behavior, or any other unprofessional behavior that does not comply with the Students Code of Conduct principles

Also, students may not be allowed to register to courses due to:

A decision made by the Disciplinary Committee:

Dismissal from Mesoyios College due to unethical or violent behavior, or any other unprofessional behavior that does not comply with the Students Code of Conduct principles

A decision made by the Academic Committee:

Student’s personal failure to meet Mesoyios College’s academic progress criteria:

Diploma – completion of two consecutive semester with a CGPA < 1.7

Higher Diploma – completion of two consecutive semester with a CGPA < 1.8

Bachelor – completion of two consecutive semester with a CGPA < 2.0

Student’s involvement in any illegal action or activity, which confronts the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and as a result the student himself/herself is under arrest or when the Courts’ decision is pending.

Note: During registration, students will be asked to sign a letter authorizing (or not) the college to contact their parents for any academic and/or financial purposes accordingly. Additionally, students will be asked to sign a letter authorizing (or not) the college to use their personal details (e.g. picture, name, etc.) for marketing and/or promotional purposes.

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university,
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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