Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University

Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador (Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University, (UPEL) is the main public university institute, dedicated to the formation of teachers and professors in Venezuela. Its main headquarters is in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, with centers (nucleos) in other regions, including Aragua, Lara, Miranda, Monagas, and Tachira. The Institute of Professional Improvement of Teachers (Instituto de Mejoramiento Profesional del Magisterio) constitutes part of the structure of the UPEL, which was named in honoUr of Simón Bolívar (El Libertador)

Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University Offered Programs

Teacher Training Career (Title obtained):

Short Career with a duration of three (3) years (6 semesters) to obtain the Title of Superior Teaching Technician (Industrial Specialties) or Specialist Teacher (Preschool Education, Rural Education and Comprehensive Education).

Long Career with a duration of five (5) years (10 semesters) to obtain the Title of Professor in the chosen Specialty. This degree is equivalent to the graduate degree awarded by National Universities, with teacher training careers.

High school graduates who aspire to obtain the title of Professor, Technician or Teacher, may perform at the levels of Preschool Education, Basic Education, Middle Education, Diversified and Professional, Special Education, Rural Education and Higher Education.

Special program

Professionalisation for Higher University Technicians in Teaching Service:

Requirement: “Teach in the area of: Education for Work, in the 3rd. Stage of Basic Education, or in the Technical area of ​​Middle and Professional Education, or in Higher Education”.

(Only offered at the “Gervasio Rubio” Rural Pedagogical Institute).

Undergraduate Specialties


 performing arts

Industrial arts 

 Plastic arts


Spanish Literature and Latin

 Earth sciences

Technical drawing 

 Agricultural Education

 Business Education 

 Special Education in Hearing Impairments 

 Special Education in Learning Difficulties 

 Special Education in Mental Retardation

 Physical education 

 Integral education 

 Musical education

 Preschool education 

 rural education

 Industrial electricity 

 Industrial electronics 



 Geography and History



 Language and literature


Industrial mechanics 

Social pedagogy 


Masters with Mentions

Masters in Education

Masters in Physical Education

Masters of Art

Masters in Geography

Masters without Mentions

Master in Environmental Education

Master of Linguistics

Master in Latin American Lit.

Master of Technical Education

Master in Learning Strategies

Master of Reading and Writing

Master in Global Planning

PhD in education

Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University Tuition Fees | Admission

The university’s website appears under maintenance. For further details contact:

Contact information: Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University (UPEL) 

Secretary: Av. Sucre. Parque del Oeste “Jóvito Villaba” Catia (Cata Negro Station of the Caracas Metro) 1030. Phone: 860.17.97 

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