Lebanese German University

The Lebanese German University is a higher education institution operating in Lebanon and promoting German methods, discipline, openness, and integrity at all levels. The mission of LGU is to uphold economic, social, cultural, and environmental progress for the Lebanese community. This mission is achieved by producing graduates competitive in the global economy, supporting a continuous search for new knowledge and solutions, and maintaining a rigorous focus on academic excellence.

Lebanese German University Academic Programs

  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Faculty of Business and Insurance
  • Faculty of Education and Arts

Lebanese German University Tuition Fees

DescriptionAmountPayment Type
  Graduate Programs USD 95Per credit
  Faculty of Public Health USD 145Per credit
  Faculty of Business & Insurance USD 135Per credit
  Faculty of Education & Arts –  Education USD 135Per credit
  Faculty of Education & Arts – Performing Arts USD 145Per credit

To apply for a need-based financial aid, excellence scholarship, or work-study grant, applicants should fill the Financial Aid Application within the set deadline on the academic calendar.

Lebanese German University Administrative Fees

DescriptionAmountPayment Type
  Application Fee USD 200Once upon applying
  Creativity/ Maths Placement Test USD 35
  English/ French Placement Test USD 35
  Registration Fee USD 250Per semester
  NSSF Fee USD 230Per year when applicable
  Late Registration Fees USD 65Per semester when applicable
  Automation Fees USD 50Per semester
  Make up Exam Fee USD 100Upon request
  Fee for Incomplete Removal USD 100Upon request
  Pre- application for Transfer Students USD 20Per application
  Parking Fees / semester USD 330
  Replacement of ID USD 10Upon request
  Dorm Fees USD 400Per month
 Electricity Fees USD 3
 Penalty Fees USD 10
 Research Guidebook USD 10

Lebanese German University Attestations Fees

DescriptionAmountPayment Type
  Enrollment Certificate USD 15Upon request
  Enrollment Certificate with fees USD 20Upon request
  Course Description (per course) USD 8/ Course – USD 80/ 10 Courses & UpUpon request
  Syllabus / course USD 15/ Per CourseUpon request
  Official Syllabi USD 70/ MajorUpon request
  Internship Summary / semester USD 20/ SemesterUpon request
  Hospital Internship Evaluation USD 20/ Per EvaluationUpon request
  Transcript of record (Original) 40 USDUpon Request
  Transcript of record (Copy) USD 20Upon request
  Diploma (Copy) USD 20Upon request
  Schedule Attestation USD 15Upon request
  Grade Report (original) USD 20/  SemesterUpon request
  Grade Report (Unofficial) USD 20Upon request

Lebanese German University Graduation Fees

Description Payment Type
  DiplomaUSD 60Upon graduation. Degree delivered one month after submitting the senior project.
  Package GraduationUSD 150
  Graduation FeesUSD 334

Lebanese German University Admission

1- Applicants wishing to enroll at LGU should:

  1. Registration
    After the file opening, pay the semester registration fees and the 1st installment of tuition fees.
    http://www.lgu.edu.lb/fees.php  Then proceed to the advisor for academic consultation and courses registration.

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