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University of Gedo Reer aw Hassan is a community) is a community university that is based in Baardheere , Gedo region of Somalia .

University of Gedo (Somalia: Jaamacada Gedo is a public university in the city of Bardera situated in the Gedo region of Somalia.

In the past, the higher education system in Somalia was mostly concentrated in the area near Mogadishu, the nation’s capital. Since the outbreak of civil war in 1991, there have been local efforts to re-establish educational institutions across the country.

The University of Gedo’s first campus was opened on August 29, 2008 in Bardera.[1] The Somali Development Foundation (SDF), headed by Professor Warsame Ali, was the force behind its establishment. Thanks to long-running efforts by Professor Warsame and his team who have organized fund-raising drives in more than 50 cities in five continents, the Gedo region is among a half dozen regions in Somalia which have established post-secondary learning spaces for their citizens.

Academic policy is drafted locally. In the meantime, the educational curriculum system will be linked to Coventry University in West Midlands, England in the near future.

The University of Gedo and other institutions of higher learning such as Kismayo University and Bardera Polytechnic are working closely with regional educational funding institutions, educators, parent groups, as well as independent schools with the aim of developing a united and standardized curriculum for primary through secondary schools in the larger Jubba region.

Academic licenses granted by the university and Offering Programs:


The founders envision at least two campuses for the University of Gedo, which will be located in Bardera and Beled Hawo. Another campus will possibly be located in Garbahaarey, the capital of the Gedo region.

Faculties and programs

First phase programs are:


Business Administration


Islamic Studies



Languages-Somali, Arabic and English

Computer studies

Admission and Requirements. Fees structure and details

For further details contact: 87PJ+FFW, Bardere, Somalia

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