Islamic University of Somalia

The Islamic University of Somalia is an academic institution of the most important institutions of higher education operating in Somalia. It was founded in 1422 AH corresponding to 2001 AD by a generous group of Somali intellectuals in a vacuum of the central government and the collapse of all educational institutions. These people have assumed some responsibilities to save this afflicted country from deteriorating on the brink of illiteracy and ignorance, which were the cause of internal conflicts.and over 19A year, the university provided distinguished higher education service for the people of Somalia, as it graduated 15 batches in various disciplines. These graduates undertake the fields of educational, social, economic and other facilities that the Somali community needs in this difficult circumstance. 

Islamic University Offering Programs

The programs offered by the university in the undergraduate system

College of Sharia

Fiqh and its foundations

The Book and the Sunnah

Hadith and its sciences

The Qur’an and its sciences

Faculty of Education

Mathematics and Physics

Biology and chemistry Arabic

Geography and History

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences



Management Accounting

Islamic banks

College of Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science

Information technology

The programs offered by the university in the master’s system

MA in Islamic Jurisprudence

Master’s degree in Usul al-Fiqh

MA in Hadith and its Sciences

MA in Arabic Language

Master of Education (Curriculum and Instruction)

Islamic University Admission and Requirements

The University Council, based on the proposal of the college councils, determines the number of students who can be accepted in the next academic year

Bachelor’s program

For admission of new students to the undergraduate program, the following are required:

Have a high school diploma, or its equivalent

Be of good conduct.

To successfully pass any selection or personal interview deemed by the University Council.

To be medically fit.

To meet any other conditions determined by the University Council and announced at the time of application

Postgraduate Program

1.     To have a Bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a grade no less than good.

2.     To pass any examination or personal interview that may be determined by the Council of Graduate Studies.

3.     To pass the remedial courses successfully (if any)

4.     To be medically fit.

 Normal admission

The student is accepted and registered before the start of the study in his personal presence. He follows up the registration procedures, payment of the prescribed fees, and the issuance of the university card.

Late admission

A student who is late for registration for a period not exceeding three weeks from the beginning of the study, the Dean of Admission and Registration may accept him in coordination with the Dean of the concerned college.


Any student who withdraws from the university, and is at a good level, has the right to apply for readmission with the obligation to complete the registration conditions and requirements and pay the prescribed fee.

Islamic University Tuition Fees

1.Registration and admission fees, which are determined annually in accordance with the instructions issued by the University Council.

2.Tuition fees for the academic year, and are determined annually in accordance with the instructions issued by the University Council.

3.University card fees, which are paid once during the study period at the university.

How to pay the drawings

1.Admission and registration fees for new students are paid only once, and may not be paid in installments.

2.The annual tuition fee can be paid in four installments on the following dates:

    a. The first installment is to be paid

    b. The second installment is paid in the first week of November, the date of the midterm exam for the first semester of the academic year.

    c. The third installment is to be paid in the first week of February, the date of the beginning of the second semester of the academic year.

    d.. The fourth installment is paid in the first week of April, the date of the midterm exam for the second semester of the academic year.

3.No student is allowed to enter the examination hall unless he has paid the tuition fees due during the semester.

4.Admission and registration fees are non-refundable.

5.Tuition fees are not refunded after being paid if a full month has passed since the study.

6.Fees for a particular student cannot be transferred to another student, nor can they be transferred to any other fees.

7.No tuition fees are refunded in the event of a disciplinary dismissal from the university.

Scholarships and Waivers

The student who obtains the first rank in his level from the total grades of the two semesters of the academic year he spent is granted a scholarship for a full year, provided that the grade he obtained is not less than (excellent).

Errors and Suggestion

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