Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica

The INSTITUTO SUPERIOR POLITÉCNICO DE MANICA (ISPM), is a public tertiary vocational education institution located in Central Mozambique. ISPM was established in 2005 through the Decree 32/2005 of 23rd August of the Mozambican Council of Ministries as part of the implementation of the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology strategic plan of expanding access to tertiary education in Mozambique. ISPM is part of three Higher Polytechnic Institutes (HPI) established in Gaza, Tete, and Manica provinces. The HPI’s had the sole mission of contributing to the development of regional and local development through the training of technically capable graduates and applied research directed at helping provide timely and pragmatic responses to tackle locally relevant developmental problems. As such, since its establishment, ISPM has been actively engaged in research and extension activities at both the national and regional levels.

Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica Courses

  • Agriculture Division

The Agriculture Division (DivAg) is an organic unit of the Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica, endowed with pedagogical and scientific autonomy within the scope of the courses it teaches and administrative, patrimonial and financial autonomy in relation to the resources allocated to it within the legal limits. DivAG, through its courses, has responded to the growing need for senior agricultural technicians capable of actively participating in the design and implementation of sustainable socio-economic development initiatives in the country.

  • The Agriculture Division teaches the following courses:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry Engineering
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science
  • Degree in Food Technology and Processing
  • Division of Economy, Management and Tourism
  • The Economics, Management and Tourism Division is guided by the legal and statutory principles of the ISPM, namely:
  • Equality and non-discrimination; Valuing the ideals of the homeland, science and humanity;
  • Freedom of cultural, artistic, scientific and technological creation; Participation in the economic, scientific, social and cultural development of the country, the region and the world; Administrative, financial, patrimonial and scientific-pedagogical autonomy;
  • Division of Economy, Management and Tourism teaches the following courses:
  • Accounting and Auditing Course
  • Degree in Ecotourism and Wildlife Management

Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica Tuition Fees

Candidates for licensure courses taught at ISPM are those who have completed the 12th grade of the National Education System or equivalent, including graduates from Middle Institutes, with training or experience in the technical-professional domain being valued. Upon admission, candidates undergo examinations and those who obtain a grade equal to or greater than 10 are admitted, according to the availability of vacancies.

CoursesLevelLocationAnnual Tuition FeeDurationEntrance Examination Subjects
Agro-Systems ManagementMaster’s degreeMatsinho Campus99,750.00 MT18 monthsAT
BiotechnologyGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsChemistry and Biology
Accounting and Auditing – DaytimeGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Portuguese
Accounting and Auditing – NightGraduationSaint Anthony 33,000.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Portuguese
Ecotourism and Wildlife ManagementGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Biology
Agricultural engineeringGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Biology
Forest engineeringGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Biology
Zootechnical EngineeringGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Biology
Food Technology and ProcessingGraduationMatsinho Campus19,200.00 MT4 yearsMathematics and Chemistry

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