Institut supérieur de Management et Développement (ISMAD)

This Institute offers you quality training with dedicated, competent staff who care about the future of young people. The Higher Institute of Management and Development of Mbujimayi, ISMAD-Mbujimayi in acronym, is an approved private institution. The Ministry of Higher and University Education of the Democratic Republic of Congo, gave him the authorization to train university executives by its decree n° 509/MINESU/CABMIN/SMM/KGN/LMM/2010 OF 22/11/ 2018. This  university campus is located in the city of Mbujimayi, in the center of the Republic (28, avenue Salongo, Commune of kanshi). This  Institute offers an appropriate reception and training framework. We combine information and communication technologies with quality management. ISMAD offers a bilingual French-English education, to enable its graduates to work in any international company/organization.

Institut supérieur de Management et Développement (ISMAD) Offered Courses | Programmes


  • Project And Partnership Management
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Marketing And Communication

Institut supérieur de Management et Développement (ISMAD) Tuition Fees

BSc Degree
MSc Degree
Diploma Programs
Short Courses
Phd Degree
Cost of Living in Country

Institut supérieur de Management et Développement (ISMAD) Required Documents

The candidate wishing to train at the Higher Institute of Management and Development of Mbujimayi must submit a file including the following elements:

  • A letter of application for registration (in French or in English) addressed to the Academic Secretary General of the establishment,
  • A registration request form (to be downloaded from the ISMAD website),
  • A recent copy (6 months at most) of the certificate of physical and intellectual aptitude,
  • A recent copy of the certificate of good conduct and morals,
  • A photocopy of the baccalaureate diploma (for foreign candidates) or a state diploma (for Congolese from the DRC),
  • A passport photo
  • A transcript of marks from the previous promotion (for the candidate for special registration
  • A certificate of attendance or schooling attesting that the candidate has studied in a higher establishment (for the candidate for special registration.

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