Universite Soundiata Kankan | Kankan University

The UJNK (Universite Soundiata Kankan) is a public administrative establishment (EPA) of a scientific nature, placed under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of Higher Education. It is endowed with legal personality; its own assets and the autonomy to manage its resources in accordance with the legislation and regulations in force with regard to public establishments in Guinea.

Kankan University Offered Courses

Higher School of Information Sciences (ESSI)
– Management of Administrative Documents and Archives;
– Management of Information and Documentation services.

Faculty of Languages ​​and Letters
– English Language (Translation and Teaching);
– Arabic language (Translation and teaching);
– Letters;
– Language Sciences.

Faculty of Economics and Management: (FSEG)
– Business Administration;
– Business Management and Administration (GEA)
– Accounting Sciences;
– Economic science.

Faculty of Natural Sciences (FSN)
– Biology: botany, biochemistry, zoology, microbiology;
– Chemistry: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry;
– Mathematics: Applied Mathematics and Pure Mathematics;
– Physics: Energy Optics, Solid Body Physics, Theoretical and Meteorological Physics.

Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)
– Geography: Cartography and Demography;
– History: History of International Relations, History of Africa and Archaeology;
– Philosophy: Philo-politics and Psychology
– Sociology: Economic Sociology,
Anthropology and Political Sociology.

1st Cycle of Medical and Pharmaceutical Studies :

Medicine, Pharmacy Odontostomatology.

Kankan University Tuition Fees

Local StudentsInternational Students
Certificate Courses50,000 FG – 150.000 FG50,000 FG – 150.000 FG
Bachelor Degree Programs50,000 FG – 150.000 FG50,000 FG – 150.000 FG
Diploma Programs50,000 FG – 150.000 FG50,000 FG – 150.000 FG
Masters Degree Programs50,000 FG – 150.000 FG50,000 FG – 150.000 FG
PhD Degree Programs50,000 FG – 150.000 FG50,000 FG – 150.000 FG

Kankan University Admission | Required Documents

– Access to study and maintenance scholarships is open to all Guinean students holding the single Baccalaureate or any other diploma recognized as equivalent. The benefit of these scholarships in the study programs is made by order of merit in accordance with the results of the selection / orientation competition.
– registrations are annual and are made on the basis of presentation of a file including:
٠ Birth certificate / supplementary judgment
٠ Certificate of visit and counter visit
٠ 4 identity photos ٠ Certificate of
single baccalaureate or any other recognized diploma equivalent
٠ Certificate of admission issued by the original DPE/DCE.
٠ Act of commitment to respect the regulations of the University

Foreign students must present in addition to the documents referred to above:
– a valid residence permit
– the receipt for payment of tuition fees


The Rector of the Julius NYERERE University of Kankan has the pleasant pleasure of recalling that access to the 1st year of Medicine, Pharmacy and Odonto-Stomatology is open to all foreign students by file study and test. For the 2021 – 2022 academic year, the registration file will include: – A
registration request addressed to the Rector
– A birth
certificate – A certificate of visit and counter-visit dated less than three months
– Four ( 4) identity photos
– The certified photocopy and the original of the Baccalaureate of the country of origin or recognized equivalent diploma as well as the transcripts of the marks of the baccalaureate
– A valid travel document for non-resident of ECOWAS
The files are received at the secretariat of the rectorate until October 30, 2022 against payment of 50,000 FG for file study costs.

Errors and Suggestion

Notice: If you are a student of this university or have information about this university,
do not hesitate to share with us if you see incorrect or incomplete information. Contact information: counselorcorporation@gmail.com or comment below.

Important Notice: When starting your education life, do not just proceed in line with this information. This information provides basic information about the university.
Make contact with university before your final decision.

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