Horseed International University

Horseed International University (HIU) is one of the leading universities in Somalia. It was founded in 2010 by some Somali scholars. HIU is an institution of higher education and It provides high quality with practical instruction at the undergraduate level. HIU is Non Profit, Private University

recognized by the Somali Minister of Culture and Higher Education.

We strive for continuous improvement and our students will benefit from a stimulating and exciting environment.Our syllabus was carefully designed in order to produce exceptional graduates with specialized knowledge and provide practical training to generate critical-thinking graduates.

Horseed International University Offering Programs

Graduate Programmes

Computer Science & Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science & IT

Bachelor of Computer Science

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of Information Technology

Duration : 4 Years

Economics and Management Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences

Bachelor of Business Administration

Duration : 3 Years

Bachelor of Banking and Finance

Duration : 3 Years

Bachelor of Economics

Duration : 3 Years

Health sciences

Faculty of health sciences

Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of Public Health

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of Sciences in Medical-laboratory

Duration : 4 Years

Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry

Duration : 4 Years

Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

Bachelor of Public Administration

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of IR and Diplomacy

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of Political Science

Duration : 4 Years

Sharia and Law

Bachelor of Sharia and Law

Duration : 4 Year

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Agriculture

Duration : 4 Years

Bachelor of Environment Science

Duration : 4 Years


Faculty of Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Duration : 4 Years

Horseed International University Admission and Requirements

HIU academic year consists of two semesters (20 weeks), there are two intakes in each year.

Students can apply in the months of February and August of each year.

Admission Requirements:

Must Have completed secondary school

Have attained minimum passing marks of 75% in secondary school

Bring the original Secondary leaving certificate with a copy

Bring 4 passport size photos (6*4)

Have to qualify HIU Admission Test

Have to Pay the HIU Registration Fee

Horseed International University Tuition Fees


Campus A : Bula – Hubey near Somali Airline,

Campus B : In Front of Ex- Abdikasim near Km4

CALL +252 612221155


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